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Promotion & Placement of Alcohol

Product placement is a key factor in how products are sold. You’ll notice that in general attractive and highly visible product placement generates more sales. The same is true with alcohol products. Alcohol is sometimes placed below three feet which is generally seen as marketing to children. Sometimes products are next to toys or candy – items that are highly attractive to children. Learn more about how to reduce advertising to youth and how to reduce placement practices that may reduce excessive alcohol use.

Conducting a Scan of Alcohol Signage at Class A Retailers

Cataloging the alcohol advertising at off-premises outlets (convenience stores, gas stations, grocery stores, liquor stores) enables a group to identify locations that fail to comply with local sign codes and then seek enforcement.

This tool, developed by the Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project (WisAPP), walks you through the steps of conducting a scan of alcohol signage.

Learn how to conduct a scan of alcohol signage at Class A retailers (PDF)

Alcohol Advertising Sign Codes Infographic

Download sign codes (PDF)

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Alcohol Advertising Resources

Bollard Advertising and Alcohol

Low-height advertising of alcohol, such as on short pillars known as bollards, is highly effective at attracting the attention of young children, which primes them for greater alcohol consumption. See what actions the Wisconsin Alcohol Policy Project recommends for reducing bollard (and other low-height) advertising in your community.