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The Mellowes Center is dedicated to providing comprehensive data analytic solutions for a wide variety of researcher areas and experience levels. We deliver single- or multi-sample VCFs, tables, PDF reports, and/or new and interactive web-based reports, all using open-source data standards and multiple stages of quality control. Our interactive report advances beyond today's standards in baseline bioinformatics analysis. As your trusted partner, we are interested in developing custom novel analyses to meet your program's research and publication needs. NEW: Assays and Services for COVID-19 ResearchersBioinformatics and Collaborative Science LabsSubmit a Research Consultation Form (DOCX)
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Key Test Specifications

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Chromatin Immunoprecipitation (ChIP) Sequencing
Analyze protein interactions with DNA and determine the sites on DNA where certain proteins or histone marks are bound.

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MicroRNA and miRNA Sequencing
Test Name
microRNA and miRNA Sequencing

Test Information/Description
Sample preparation will enrich for small RNA

If total RNA is provided, input total RNA quality control with fragment analysis and quantification, library preparation (Captures small RNA with 3′ OH and 5′P modifications), Illumina sequencing. Recommended sequencing at 10 million reads per sample.

Test Limitations

Specimen Type
Total RNA, 1-1.5ug (at a concentration of at least 200ng/uL in nuclease free water); small RNA, 10-50ng (at a concentration of at least 2ng/uL in nuclease free water), quality and quantity of RNA will be verified in house prior to initiation of library preparation

Specimen Type and Requirements
Cells or fresh frozen tissue ** available with consultation; RNA extraction methods may be available for your cell or tissue type

Specimen Type
Completed library prep

Specimen Requirements
Sample numbers, adaptor sequence

Shipping Conditions
Dry ice (-80C), overnight

Turnaround Time
If RNA or completed library prep is provided, 4-6 weeks; RNA extraction and optimization may require additional 1-2 weeks
Reduced Representation Bisulfide Sequencing (RRBS)
Sequence the methylation status of particular CpG rich regions of the genome.

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RNA-Sequencing (RNA-Seq), Transcriptome
Determination of the presence and quantity of RNA transcripts in relative levels between control and experimental samples.

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Custom Clinical Sanger Sequencing (CCS)
Custom Clinical Sequencing (CCS) is used to confirm a previously suspected genetic variant detected by next generation sequencing or research sequencing. This test may also be used to test the affected status of family members of an individual with a confirmed variant, when the affected family member’s blood or DNA is provided as a control.

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Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)
Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) is used to detect variants in a patient’s exome in order to determine the role of genomic variants in disease outcomes.

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Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS)
Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) is used to detect variants in a patient’s genome in order to determine the role of genomic variants in disease outcomes.

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Whole Exome / Genome Sequencing Data Analysis (WESDAT / WGSDAT)
Whole Genome Sequencing Data Analysis (WGSDAT) / Whole Exome Sequencing Data Analysis (WESDAT) is used to annotate and interpret variants in a patient’s genome in order to determine the role of the genomic variants in disease outcomes and to determine the regions of the genome where there is no sequence coverage.

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