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Partner With Us On Your Project

To begin the process, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation below with our subject matter experts to help our team learn about your research focus and gain an understanding about your specific sequencing, high-throughput assay, and/or analysis needs.

Project Plan

After the consultation, we will generate a statement of work (SOW) that describes the project details including sample type, preparation processes, analytic report components, and a cost estimate with timeline for your project.

Our pricing is competitive to other academic research service providers.

Project Execution

  • Agree to statement of work (SOW)
  • Designate funding through iLab
  • Coordinate drop-off of samples
  • Sample processing begins, including:
    • sample quality checks (with feedback)
    • library prep
    • sequencing
    • bioinformatics data analysis

Project Completion

  • Delivery of raw data and analysis report through web portal or direct transfer to RCC space
  • Virtual meeting to walk through the analysis report
  • Determine if follow up experiments or additional analysis is needed
  • Optional: Data upload to publicly available resources, methods writing and collaborative generation of publication quality figures

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