Medical College of Wisconsin Primary Care Clinical Services

MCW delivers a model of “team-based-care”, which means working together to provide excellent care and sharing the work of serving our patients. The clinic is a joint venture between Froedtert, who owns the clinic and hires most of the staff, and the Medical College Physicians (MCP), who provides physicians and Advance Practice Providers (nurse practitioners or physician assistants).

Patient Couch

Clinic Structure

The MCW Primary Care Section provides comprehensive patient-centered care to adults at Froedtert Hospital and includes multiple specialized clinical programs. The large GIM clinic is divided into 3 “pods”, or teams, of providers and their patients. Within each pod there are smaller teams consisting of a faculty member, an APP, and a medical assistant. The resident clinic has 45 medical residents, organized in groups of 3-4 residents who are mentored by a faculty pair over their 3-year residency. Our specialized clinical programs include:

Specialized Clinical Programs

Complex Care Program (CCP)

Our complex care program is designed to improve patient care and outcomes by identifying and removing obstacles to effective primary care service. The program is built on a Community Health Worker (CHW) model that emphasizes an outward facing approach to identifying social risk and medical need. With this approach, CHWs offer home visits aimed at understanding barriers, challenges, and places for potential social work intervention, and moving forward with patient-driven health goals. Patients are enrolled in this program over a 6-month period and receive a care plan that includes an in-home visit by a designated CHW, and weekly telephone sessions.

Executive Health Program (EHP)

A high-level hospitality program for individuals needing to maximize efficiency of time. Everything medical that someone may need during a 1-2 year time span is coordinated into one full day. This program is available to corporations and self-referred individuals. Each patient itinerary is unique, although our testing protocol centers around wellness and prevention, to identify a possible abnormality early or before a patient becomes symptomatic.

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Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT) Center of Excellence

Froedtert and MCW serves as a designated Center of Excellence (COE) for Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (a genetic vascular condition formerly called Osler-Weber-Rendu syndrome). GIM plays a central role in initial diagnosis, specialist coordination, and follow-up care. As a COE, we provide specialized and comprehensive care for a condition that is often underrecognized and underserved; we are also active participants in cutting edge research and clinical trials.

Suboxone Program

The GIM clinic provides a patient-centered medical home for those struggling with narcotic addiction. Our trained providers use medication assisted treatment (MAT) using buprenorphine to bring long-term hope for abstinence to those struggling with opioid use disorders (OUD).

Wound Care Program

The GIM clinic has multiple providers who are certified in wound care. We provide initial wound care to our primary care patients, connecting with vascular and plastic surgery as needed for ongoing care.

HIV and LGBTQA+ Care

The clinic provides specialized care for patients living with HIV, including primary care and HIV care, and care for LGBTQA+ populations, including gender affirming hormone therapy, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), and generally affirming and welcoming care to LGBTQA+ populations.

Cancer Survivorship Program

Multiple providers have experience and training in cancer after-care and are collaborating with the Clinical Cancer Center to provide excellent long-term care for cancer survivors.