International Observership for Education in Neurosciences: I-OPEN

COVID-19 Update

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, no observers allowed at this time.

Since 2018, the Departments of Neurology, Neurosurgery and Neuro-psychology at Froedtert Hospital & The Medical College of Wisconsin has invested in a global network initiative: the International Observership Program for Education in Neurosciences: i-OPEN. The main goal is to provide exceptional learning opportunity for medical students, residents, fellows and practicing physicians from outside of the United States who desire to expand their knowledge in Neurosciences. Participants are offered a one-month observership at the participating specialties. During this time, observers will attend inpatient rounds, outpatient clinics, surgeries and teaching conferences. Of note, the i-OPEN is free of charge.

  • Outpatient track: 4 weeks in 1 or 2 sub-specialties (see options below)
  • Inpatient track: 2 weeks on consult service; 2 weeks on inpatient service
  • Epilepsy track: 4 weeks in the EMU
  • Neuro-ICU track: 4 weeks in Neuro-ICU
  • Neurosurgery track: 4 weeks in neurosurgery
  • Neuro-psychology track: 4 weeks in neuro-psychology clinic
  • Mixed clinical track: 2 weeks in one sub-specialty; 2 weeks in consults service

At the end of the rotation, i-OPEN participants will meet with the program director for a debriefing session and to get a certificate from the program. In order to apply, participants must have already rotated through the desired department at their home institutions prior to attending this program.

Application Process:

All international medical students and graduates interested in neurosciences are welcome to apply. As mentioned above, i-OPEN is free of charge, including the application process. As a result, the selection process is highly competitive. Therefore, each applicant must carefully follow the application instructions below for higher chances of being accepted to our program. The i-OPEN requests a complete application to be submitted no later than 3 months from the desired start date of the observership.

Application Process (PDF)

Application Form (PDF)

Confidentiality Agreement (PDF)

Immunization Records (PDF)