Verification of Neurology Residency or Fellowship from the Medical College of Wisconsin

The Medical College of Wisconsin Department of Neurology Education provides training verifications upon request. Verifications for internships, residencies, and fellowships completed more than 1 year ago are subject to the following fees, payable by PayPal.

Prices for verifications are as follows:

  • $50 for each standard verification letter
  • $100 for each detailed verification of training

If we are unable to provide a verification (i.e., we have no record of the individual in question) you will be notified by email and you will not be charged.  Please note, verification forms typically take 7 to 10 business days to complete.

Instructions for requesting training verification

Please submit the following documents alongside your verification request:

  1. A completed verification request form (PDF)
  2. An Authorization for Release of Information signed by the trainee
  3. Your own verification form (if needed)

Once form is received, we will send a PayPal link to your email to pay for the authorization. Once payment is confirmed we will complete the authorization form. Payment is charged for each verification requested.

Please submit the forms to:

  • Mary Brehm ( for all Adult Neurology Residency, Child Neurology Residency,  and Neurology fellowship programs verifications

Standard Verification

  • Name of Trainee
  • Training program/Specialty
  • Dates of Training
  • Confirmation of successful completion of program or Explanation of further information if program is not successfully completed

Detailed verification information

  • Standard verification information
  • Specific privileges and/or procedure training if requested
  • Information from previous evaluations if requested