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2017 News

2017_December_IOVS  December 4, 2017
Publication – Chris Reid and Kristina Ertel have an article published in the journal Investigative Ophthalmology and Visual Science
Chris Reid, a final year graduate student in the IDP program, and Kristina Ertel, a former research technologist in the Ocular Gene Therapy Laboratory, recently published an article describing a recombinant adeno-associated virus vector with significantly improved photoreceptor targeting following intravitreal injection. The study demonstrates that capsid modifications with different mechanisms of action can be combined into a single capsid, leading to an additive increase in tissue penetrance and cellular uptake. The resulting vector, termed rAAV2/2[MAX], is currently being trialled by several OGTL collaborators and is available upon request. Read the full article
 ENettscheim_sq July 10, 2017
Welcome – Emily Nettesheim joins OGTL as a Research Technologist
Emily Nettesheim, who recently received Bachelors degrees (BS) in both Anthropology and Molecular Biology from the University of Madison, Wisconsin, will join OGTL as a research Technologist. Emily will be responsible for assisting the everyday running of the lab, in addition to conducting her own research project focused on the design of novel viral vectors with large coding capacity for retinal gene delivery.
July 5, 2017
Welcome – Dwani Patel joins OGTL as a graduate student
Dwani Patel, a MD/PhD student in the Medical Scientist Training Program (MSTP), has joined the OGTL under the supervision of Dr Daniel Lipinski, DPhil, on a full time basis to undertake his doctoral research. Dwani will be focusing on the development of strategies to target gene delivery to retinal vascular endothelial cells and pericytes, cell types that are implicated in the development of sight - threatening complications associated with diabetes.
 LipinskiLab_07252016EI_Reid2 June 15, 2017
Publication – Chris Reid has article accepted to Gene Therapy
Chris Reid, a fourth year graduate student, publishes an article in Gene Therapy detailing a methodology to improve recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) vector yield through silencing of transgene expression during virus manufacture. Co-authors on the study include William Hauswirth, PhD, Professor of Ophthalmology, and Sanford Boye, MS, Associate Scientist, both at the University of Florida. Read the full article

April 19, 2017
Congratulations – The ARVO Annual Meeting Program Committee select Kristina Ertel’s abstract as a 2017 ‘Hot Topic’
Kristina Ertel, a research technologist in the OGTL, will present a poster describing her efforts to improve photoreceptor targeting from the vitreous using recombinant adeno-associated virus (rAAV) vectors. Building upon published work by the Boye and Flannery Laboratories, Kristina has demonstrated that combining single point mutations with peptide insertions in a single rAAV capsid leads to an additive increase in vector tissue penetrance and improved photoreceptor transduction. The ‘Hot Topic’ designation is awarded to approximately 2% of abstracts at the ARVO Annual Meeting to highlight ‘the newest and most innovative research being conducted in various specialities’.

Intravitreal transduction profile of recombinant adeno-associated virus in murine and human retina
Kristina J. Ertel, Christpher A. Reid & Daniel M. Lipinski

Poster B0344: 8.30am – 10.15am and 2.45pm – 3.45pm May 7th


March 13, 2017
Congratulations – Chris Reid receives the Retina Research Foundation/Joseph M. and Eula C. Lawrence Travel Grant and is selected for the Members-in-training Outstanding Poster Award
Chris Reid, a fourth year graduate student, has been awarded a prestigious travel grant to attend this year’s Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology (ARVO) Annual Meeting, to be held in Baltimore, May 7 – 11, 2017. Chris will be presenting a poster on the use of riboswitch technologies to modulate gene expression levels in vivo following rAAV-mediated gene delivery to the retina (see Conference Abstracts section). In addition to receiving a travel award, Chris will participate in the Members-in-Training Outstanding Poster Award, having received one of the top five review scores of any abstract submitted to the Retina (RE) section.

Riboswitch-mediated modulation of transgene expression following rAAV delivery to the mouse retina
Christopher A. Reid, Kristina J. Ertel & Daniel M. Lipinski

Poster B0088: 8:30-10:15 am Wed. May 10

Reid, C., Lipinski, D.M.

 07_18_2016_Ertel  March 10, 2017
Congratulations – Kristina Ertel is accepted to graduate school
Kristina Ertel, currently a research technologist in the Lipinski Laboratory, has been accepted to the Medical College of Wisconsin Interdisciplinary Biomedical Sciences Doctoral Program (IDP). Beginning in August 2017, Kristina will be joining a class of approximately 20 promising doctoral candidates. The whole of the OGTL program wishes Kristina the best of luck in her future endeavours!
 Hanmeng_Zhang_small March 1, 2017
Welcome – Hanmeng Zhang joins the Lipinski Lab as a graduate student
Hanmeng Zhang, a second year graduate student in the Neuroscience Doctoral Program (NDP), has elected to join the Lipinski Laboratory full time to carry out research towards her graduate thesis. Hanmeng will primarily be working on developing novel therapies to prevent cone photoreceptor degeneration in retinitis pigmentosa, a disease that causes severe visual impairment in approximately 1 in 4000 individuals worldwide