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Ocular Gene Therapy Laboratory

Federal and Foundation Support

NIH, National Eye Institute Research Project Grant (R01EY027767)
‘Vascular gene delivery and early stage biomarkers in diabetic retinopathy’
PI: Daniel Lipinski, DPhil

NIH, National Eye Institute Audacious Goals Initiative (U24EY029891)
‘Developing cone-dominant retinal disease models as a resource for translational vision research’
PI: Joseph Carroll, PhD/Jacque Duncan, MD

Foundation for Fighting Blindness Individual Investigator Award (TA-NMT-0618-0739)
‘Maintaining Proteostasis to prevent photoreceptor degeneration in retinal disease’
PI: Daniel Lipinski, DPhil

Foundation for Fighting Blindness Program Project Award (PPA-0617-0718-UCSF)
‘Characterization of existing and newly developed models of usher syndrome’
PI: Jacque Duncan, MD/Joseph Carroll, PhD

Glaucoma Research Foundation Shaffer Award
‘Development of rAAV vector technologies to facilitate topical gene delivery to the cornea’
PI: Daniel Lipinski, Dphil

Philanthropic Support


Robert A. Brandt Macular Degeneration Fund

Ocular Gene Therapy Laboratory Funding