Abdominal/Body Imaging Fellowship Program


Why become a fellow at MCW

As a major academic medical center, and the largest research institution in the Milwaukee metro area, the Medical College of Wisconsin is a distinguished leader in the advanced training of physicians, researchers, pharmacists and health professionals. Together with its top-tier partner institutions, the Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals (MCWAH) puts you at the forefront of advancement that’s improving the vitality of society.

Fellowship Overview

  • Five to six body positions per year
  • Training in 1-week blocks through 3 core rotations plus several available electives:
    • Core rotations:
      • Body MR
      • Body CT
      • Ultrasound
    • Electives
      • Radiology Procedures
      • Musculoskeletal MR
      • Fluoroscopy
      • Community General Imaging
      • Body ED Evening
      • PET/CT
      • Chest/Cardiovascular Imaging
  • Four weeks paid vacation
  • Up to one week of paid attendance at a nationally recognized meeting and two additional days at the RSNA meeting in Chicago
  • Instructor appointment is paid up to $110,000 per year
  • $3000 educational stipend
  • Graded shift to independent interpretations of CT and ultrasound examinations
  • MR examinations are staffed with faculty throughout the year

Rotation Highlights

Body MR

  • Includes all MRs of the abdomen and pelvis
  • Busy oncologic MR service, including hepatobiliary, pancreatic, renal, rectal, gynecologic, and prostate cancers. High volume of pre- and post-treatment imaging for liver-directed therapies, radiation therapy, and oncologic surgeries
  • >15 MR scanners, including top of the line 3T GE and Siemens scanners with the latest sequences
  • 2 Gb e-book downloadable on iPad (iOS) includes the body MR curriculum as well as embedded written and video content, both original and from international experts

Body CT

  • Includes CTs of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis as well as CT angiography
  • Diverse caseload, including high volume of oncologic and non-oncologic CTs. Busy cancer center, level 1 trauma center, and transplant service
  • Current generation GE and Siemens CT scanners. Routine use of dual-energy CT and deep-learning image reconstruction
  • Close relationship with General Electric, which is sited within 15 minutes of campus
  • Dedicated 3D lab performs image post-processing
  • Research includes further optimization and utilization of dual-energy technology, deep-learning image reconstruction, and low kVp techniques


  • Abdominal, pelvic, small parts, and vascular ultrasound
  • Exposure to liver, kidney, and pancreas transplant ultrasounds and shear wave elastography; contrast-enhanced ultrasound is also being implemented
  • Perform thoracenteses, paracenteses, and thyroid and cervical lymph node FNAs

Radiology Procedures

  • Soft tissue biopsies performed using CT and/or ultrasound guidance - abdominal organ, intraperitoneal/retroperitoneal lesions, and lymph nodes
  • CT- and/or ultrasound-guided percutaneous and transrectal/transvaginal drainage procedures
  • Advanced Radiologic Procedure clinic streamlines consultation and is coordinated by radiology extenders, including dedicated MAs and NPs/PAs
  • Emphasis on a comprehensive team approach with staff radiologists, trainees, physician extenders, radiology nurses/anesthesiologists, and technologists
  • Siemens Edge 64-channel interventional CT with rapid fluoroscopic CT imaging, 3D CT guidance, and automatic needle tracking capabilities

The non-vascular interventional radiology elective includes comprehensive training ensuring that the fellow-instructor is involved with preprocedural, periprocedural, and postprocedural planning. Our graduating fellow-instructors are able to perform the full gamut of image-guided biopsy and drainage procedures. This marketable skillset can provide additional employment options in academic or private practice positions.

Musculoskeletal MR

  • Participation in both outpatient and hospital-based settings
  • Imaging for the Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Bucks
  • Close relationship between the abdominal and musculoskeletal sections with several faculty members participating in both sub-specialties
  • Interdisciplinary sports medicine and orthopedic oncology conferences are optional
  • CT- and ultrasound-guided soft tissue/bone biopsies are optional
  • 2 Gb e-book also includes the musculoskeletal curriculum with embedded written and video content

The inclusion of musculoskeletal MR is uniformly emphasized as one of the strengths of our fellowship and provides an additional skillset for those considering private practice or outpatient-based academic positions. The fellow-instructor can bolster their MSK skills by electing to interpret other imaging modalities, participate in procedures, and attend sub-specialty conferences.


Evening shifts are available for monitoring IV contrast administration at some of the outpatient imaging centers.

Application Documents

Applications will be accepted beginning August 1, 2021 for the 2023-2024 academic year, with interviews beginning November 1, 2021.

Our congratulations and a warm welcome to our 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 fellows!

  • Application (PDF)
  • CV
  • Copies of your USMLE Step 1, Step 2 CK and CS, & Step 3
  • Your personal statement
  • 3 original letters of reference from radiologists with whom you have worked and/or trained
  • Medical school Dean's letter
  • ECFMG (if applicable)
  • Photo (optional)

Email or Mail:
Scott Erickson, MD, Program Director
c/o Meredith Zimmermann 
Department of Radiology
MCW & Froedtert Hospital
9200 W. Wisconsin Ave. 
Milwaukee, WI 53226

Social Happenings

Fantasy Football League
Fellow-instructors may choose to participate in the Patchy Opacity Fantasy Football league. This league consists of two 12-team divisions, one composed of staff/fellows and the other residents. Drafts are traditionally held at a local Buffalo Wild Wings.

Annual Golf Scramble & Family Picnic
The Annual Golf Scramble followed by a Family Picnic provides a “meet-and-greet” opportunity for new residents, fellows, faculty, and families.

NCAA Tournament
The NCAA pool (for fun only, of course) is an annual staple.

Explore Milwaukee
Learn more about Milwaukee living.

Former Fellows: An Insider’s Look


Ahmed Soliman-Abdallah, MD
Residency: Hamad General Hospital, Doha, Qatar
Post-fellowship: Neuroradiology fellowship, Medical College of Wisconsin

John “Jack” Jesse, MD
Residency: Medical College of Wisconsin
Post-fellowship: Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center

Matthew Smetko, DO
Residency: University of Illinois-Chicago Medical Center
Post-fellowship: Virtual Radiologic (vRad)

Martin McKinney, MD
Residency: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Post-fellowship: Assistant Professor of Radiology, Medical College of Wisconsin


Ahmad Bakdalieh, MD
Residency: Tishreen Hospital, Ministry of Health Hospitals
Post-fellowship: Synergy Radiology Associates

Eric Fair, MD
Residency: Medical College of Wisconsin
Post-fellowship: Assistant Professor of Radiology, Medical College of Wisconsin

Syed "Ashter" Ashar Rizvi, MD
Residency: University of Illinois-Chicago Medical Center
Post-fellowship: Kenosha Radiology Center

Adam Wadzinski, DO
Residency: Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center
Post-fellowship: Marshfield Clinic Health System


Marcus W. Bickford, MD
Residency: Medical College of Wisconsin
Post-fellowship: Gunderson Health System

Tyler M. Flessner, MD
Residency: Medical College of Wisconsin
Post-fellowship: Central Illinois Radiological Associates

Michael T. Babbitt, MD
Residency: University of Chicago
Post-fellowship: AMITA Health

Pavan R. Parasu, MD
Residency: University of Illinois at Chicago Hospital
Post-fellowship: Kaiser Permanente


Matt Abell, MD
Residency: Southern Illinois University School of Medicine, Springfield, IL
Post-fellowship: Central Illinois Radiological Associates

Frederick G. Joachim, MD
Residency: Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals, Milwaukee, WI
Post-fellowship: Green Bay Radiology

Bridget Larson, MD
Residency: Aurora St. Luke's Medical Center, Milwaukee, WI
Post-fellowship: Aurora Health Care

Aaron Massie, MD
Residency: Grand Rapids Medical Education Partners/Michigan State University, Grand Rapids, MI
Post-fellowship: Mercy Health Physician Partners

2016 - 2017

Jeffrey D. Anderson, MD
Residency: Medical College of Wisconsin
Post-fellowship: Milwaukee VA Medical Center (Zablocki)

Humera Baig, MD
Residency: Southern Illinois University, Springfield, IL
Post-fellowship: Advanced Midwest Radiology

David Keaton, MD
Residency: Providence Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program, Spokane, WA
Post-fellowship: Inland Imaging

Chinar Lath, MD
Residency: 2/2001-1/2003, BYL Nair Hospital & TN Medical College, Mumbai, India; 2/2003-1/2005, Balabhai Nanavati Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai, India


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Meet Our Fellows


Matthew Evans, MD


Residency: Southern Illinois University School of Medicine


Joshua Floyd, DO


Residency: University of Missouri – Kansas City


Nathan Meyer, MD


Residency: William Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak, MI


Eric P. Segal, MD


Residency: Diagnostic Radiology, Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals


Craig Swanson, DO


Residency: Aurora Health Care, St. Luke’s Medical Center, Milwaukee, WI

Contact Us

Meredith Zimmermann

Program Coordinator

(414) 955-1187

Department of Radiology
MCW & Froedtert Hospital
9200 W. Wisconsin Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53226