Liver Cancer - Second Opinion Program

People diagnosed with liver cancer often feel they don’t have many options. But while liver cancer is a serious disease, patients usually have more alternatives than they think. That’s why it is important to explore your diagnosis with a team of nationally known liver experts who offer the most advanced treatment options.

The Liver Cancer Second Opinion Program at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin gives patients fast access to physicians who specialize in difficult liver malignancies. Our expert team can confirm your diagnosis, talk to you about your alternatives and make sure you are receiving the most effective care for your specific condition.


About the program

Multidisciplinary Opinion
Liver cancer is a complex disease that requires several different kinds of treatment. The Liver Cancer Second Opinion Program includes a full team of physicians who specialize in different aspects of liver cancer care — surgeons, medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, hepatologists, interventional radiologists and other specialists.

These physician experts work together to design a comprehensive treatment plan for every patient. Getting a second opinion from a multidisciplinary team is important for people with early liver tumors and challenging metastatic cancers. For many patients, coordinated care can increase the chance of a positive first-time treatment outcome with less chance of recurrence.

A Fresh Look
The Liver Cancer Second Opinion Program provides rapid access to information and answers. Patients can be scheduled for an appointment within one week. A new patient coordinator will help assemble all records.

Our physicians will talk about concerns, reexamine the diagnosis and take a fresh look at all options. They are able to offer a full range of the most sophisticated treatments available:

Many patients are able to access new drug therapies through participation in clinical trials. Patients who are eligible for an organ transplant benefit from working with our nationally recognized Liver Transplant Program.

Make an Appointment Today
To schedule an appointment with the Liver Cancer Second Opinion Program and begin exploring your options, please call (414) 805-0505 or (866) 680-0505 today.