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Getting started with:

ARS Top Hat

ARS Top Hat

Five easy steps you can follow to add Audience Response questions to your session:

  1. Format your questions and answer options. Indicate the correct answer(s). Send questions to the course coordinator five days prior to teaching. Indicate where the question belongs in your slide deck. Use the web interface: Top Hat
  2. Arrange to practice in the classroom. Top Hat Presenter is installed in the Discovery Classroom, Kerrigan, HRC, Alumni Center, Grad School CR and 1210/1230/1250.
  3. Use the Top hat Presenter Tool from the taskbar.
    • Select your course. Enter.
    • Locate the question in your folder.
    • Click Present
  4. The toolbar at the bottom of the window provides:
    • Previous/Next
    • Enable/Disable
    • Timer
    • Show Correct Answer
    • Student Answers (chart)
  5. Select Close to return to your slide
    1. Or minimize using the Top Hat floating menu
    2. Or Next question
Top Hat Audience Response System
Classroom Orientation

Classroom Orientation

Listen to the Classroom Orientation module before you start teaching for:

  • Orientation to the new classroom technology
  • Best practices
  • Resources
Classroom Orientation Module
Learning Management System

Learning Management System

Interprofessional Education (IPE)

Interprofessional Education (IPE)

The IPE team designs and develops interdisciplinary sessions between medical students and students in programs of: Nursing/Nurse Practitioners, Pharmacy, Radiology, Physical Therapy, and Dietetics.

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Milwaukee AMX Panel Documentation

Milwaukee AMX Panel Documentation

Recording Narration in PowerPoint

Recording Narration in PowerPoint

Review the Recording Narration in PowerPoint: From Presentation to Video (PDF) for instructions to transform your slide deck into a video.