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Teaching Toolbox

The toolbox was designed by the Faculty Development Workgroup. It contains downloadable documents, tutorial videos, and helpful websites to make time in the classroom more effective and efficient. The toolbox introduces basics, then advances to best practices. As we grow and learn together, more content will be added to support your goals.


Article of the Month

Each month we identify an article that should be of interest to our teaching faculty.

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Clinical Advisor

Information on the role of the clinical advisor and residency directors' criteria for prospective residents.

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The Feedback Loop

Each month we identify a resource on the topic of feedback of interest to our teaching faculty.

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Knowledge Now

Briefs and in depth modules for educators.

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LCME Spotlight

The LCME Spotlight is designed to increase faculty and staff awareness and understanding of the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME) standards (elements) that guide all aspects of the Medical Education Program and their impact upon MCW’s medical school accreditation status.

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