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Clinical Preceptor

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a clinical preceptor! This page provides resources to help you prepare for your role as an educator and advocate for our students.

“Teaching Students in the Ambulatory Setting" with Dr. Bill Hueston

Highlights include:
Opportunities exist for precepting M1-M4 students
Focus should be on the quality of learning, not the quantity of patients
Keep the teaching points short
Remember that students learn by repetition
Use the One Minute Preceptor model for one-on-one teaching

“Giving Effective Feedback to Learners" with Dr. Michael Frank

Objectives include:
Define feedback
Review characteristics of effective feedback
Identify barriers to providing feedback
Provide suggestions for overcoming barriers

“Professionalism in Health Science Education" with Dr. Andrew Kastenmeier

Highlights include:
Professionalism is one of the most important factors contributing to a successful career in the health sciences
Negative attitudes and behaviors undermine professionalism
Unprofessional behaviors can be subjective
MCW has policies and procedures in place to address unprofessional behavior