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Facilitating Small Group Learning

Listen as your colleagues share what practices work for them in small group settings. (13 minutes)

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Engaging Students in a Large Lecture Hall

This video is intended to help you create Application Exercises, build rapport with students, generate stories and introduce the students to a patient. (11 minutes) 

How to Use iPads in Your Classrooms

Join your colleagues in constructing engaging learning using technology. (7 minutes) 

Podcasting Best Practices

David Mattson, PhD, discusses the best practices and techniques for creating a successful podcast. (2 minutes)

Planning Your Podcast

David Mattson, PhD, offers an introduction to what podcasting is, how it benefits the students, and how you can plan an podcast presentation. (4.5 minutes)

Video Resources for Medical Educators

Completing a Clinical Rotation Summative Evaluation (10 minutes)

Teaching Students in the Ambulatory Setting (3 minutes)

MATCH Day Q&A with Dr. Muntz (5 minutes)

MCW’s Educational History

PowerPoint Best Practices (8 minutes.)

Professionalism in Health Science Education (8 minutes)

Providing Clinical Students with Feedback (7 minutes)

USMLE Step 1 Exam Overview (6 minutes)

What Happens to Clinical Course Evaluations Q&A with Dr. Havas (5 minutes)

How to Complete the Student Performance Assessment Form in Family Medicine with Dr. Bower (12 minutes)

Voices in Education

We’ve created this video series to share best practices from experienced faculty who contribute their teaching philosophies, engagement strategies, advice and inspiration in short video format. You can listen to the entire production or select a specific topic from a table of contents. Enjoy!

Hershel Raff, PhD

James Sebastian, MD

Ryan Spellecy, PhD

Karen MacKinnon, BPharm, RPh

David Brousseau, MD, MS

Beth Krippendorf, PhD