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Medical Scientist Training Program

MSTP Research in Progress Seminars

Research In Progress Sept 2019

About this seminar series

The MSTP Research in Progress (RIP) seminar series is a monthly event held on campus over the dinner hour. Two MSTP graduate students present current progress and challenges related to her/his thesis research project. The audience consists of other MSTP students, MSTP directors and faculty advisors. The wide-ranging interests of the audience provide an opportunity for positive critique and suggestions from varying points of view. These meetings provide listeners an opportunity to learn about the extensive variety of research MSTP students are doing both on and off campus. In addition, this time may also spark an interest in our M1 and M2 students, in areas previously not considered, as they are working to finalize what field of research to pursue in their PhD years. An added bonus is that this time allows all students, M1 through M4 and G1 through G4, to meet as a group to relax, talk and solidify their “MSTP family.”

Our MSTP Research in Progress is a friendly setting for students to share their research experiences with other members of the program. The presentations are informal and the meeting provides an opportunity for interaction among our students, who are at varied stages of their medical training.

Joseph T. Barbieri, PhD, Director of the Medical Scientist Training Program, Professor of Microbiology & Immunology