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There is an increasing demand for pharmacists who can provide expanded services, helping to alleviate the physician shortage by providing greater access to primary and preventive care to patients. That’s why MCW’s Pharmacy School offers an innovative model of pharmacy education, helping to develop a pipeline of new, world-class pharmacists for Wisconsin to ensure that high quality healthcare continues for future generations in both urban and rural communities throughout the state.

Academic Concentrations

MCW Pharmacy School students may pursue an academic concentration to enhance their subject knowledge, satisfy an intellectual interest, or increase their experience in a specific field of pharmacy. Academic concentrations provide a means for students to align elective courses, their chosen Scholarly Pathway, clinical rotations, and a culminating project around a particular thematic area. These focused concentrations enhance Doctor of Pharmacy program graduate’s competitiveness in the job market. In Year 1, students may apply to pursue an academic concentration in one of the following areas:
Expose student pharmacists to the fundamentals of research, cultivate an appreciation for research, and position students as highly competitive candidates for formal post-graduate training.
Population Health
Expose student pharmacists to the fundamentals of population-based health management, cultivate an appreciation for community engagement, and position students as highly competitive interdisciplinary providers of culturally competent direct patient care and service for underserved communities. Student pharmacists will be able to provide care within various sectors of the community (e.g., health care systems, public health, industry, academia, healthcare) to achieve positive health outcomes with communities served.
Specialized Pharmacy Practice
Recognize student pharmacist professionals that have developed skills in an area of specialized pharmacy practice. Pharmacists who have documented specialized experience have additional benefits with personal satisfaction and career advancement. Students are required to have a longitudinal focus (across elective courses, rotations, and project) in a particular area to complete this concentration.
Entrepreneurship &  Leadership
Expose student pharmacists to the fundamentals of entrepreneurship and leadership to prepare for a future career in pharmacy leadership or administration in a variety of settings, including independent pharmacy and health-systems pharmacy.

Unique Aspects of the MCW PharmD Curriculum

Learn more about the unique clinical and interprofessional experiences you'll have as a student at the MCW Pharmacy School. 


Experiential Education

You'll complete a total of 2240 clinical practice hours at community pharmacies, academic and community hospitals and ambulatory care settings. 

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Interprofessional Education

MCW pharmacy students begin interprofessional education during their very first session and advance to pharmacy practice and patient care experiences throughout the curriculum.

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