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Study of EMERPHED™ (Ephedrine Sulfate) Ready-to-Use Injection Results Reinforce Patient Safety

Milwaukee, Feb 10, 2021 – The Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) School of Pharmacy and Nexus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. have partnered to compare the use of EMERPHED™, a ready-to-use ephedrine sulfate product, to the commercially used concentrated ephedrine sulfate in a clinical setting.

“The MCW School of Pharmacy provides translational expertise to fulfill the collaborative requirements with pharmaceutical industry and clinical sciences,” said Abhay Singh Chauhan, PhD, MPharm, BPharm, associate professor of biopharmaceutical sciences at the MCW School of Pharmacy and principal investigator of the study. “This research project with Nexus is a good example of a successful academia-industry partnership along with providing students exposure to the advancement in the research.”

Simulations were conducted in the operating room (OR) setting using MCW’s state-of-the-art Standardized Teaching Assessment Resources (STAR) Center. To use the commercial ephedrine product, clinicians must dilute concentrated ephedrine sulfate, which requires additional steps that could potentially increase the risk of error ¥. On the other hand, EMERPHED™ requires no dilution and less preparation steps, potentially reducing the risk for error. ¥

“Nexus Pharmaceuticals is pleased to collaborate with MCW on this study to examine medication safety practices in the OR,” said Mariam S. Darsot, chief executive officer and president of Nexus Pharmaceuticals. “This study reinforces Nexus’ mission of bringing patient safety to the forefront and bringing innovative solutions to the healthcare landscape,”

Results showed that EMERPHED™ had significantly greater compounding efficacy and ease of use compared to commercially available concentrated ephedrine sulfate in the clinical simulations. EMERPHED™ was able to be prepared faster than commercial concentrated ephedrine sulfate. The data indicates that EMERPHED™ could be a replacement option for institutions with no additional cost.

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