Burden of Falls in Wisconsin

2010 Burden of Falls Report (PDF)
Unintentional falls are a significant public health problem in Wisconsin. They are the underlying cause of substantial numbers of emergency department visits, inpatient hospitalizations, nursing home admissions, and deaths each year. This report seeks to describe the large burden that these preventable injuries place on individuals, families, and communities throughout Wisconsin. In response to these findings, this report suggests resources and strategies that may reduce the burden, along with information on evidence-based prevention programs that exist in Wisconsin.

WI DHS 2010 Fall Prevention Plan (PDF)
By proclamation of Wisconsin's Governor Doyle, September is "Fall Prevention Awareness Month" and September 23rd (the first day of fall) is "Fall Prevention Awareness Day". View the Governor's proclamation and Fall Prevention Awareness resources. By declaring September "Fall Prevention Month" and September 23rd "Fall Prevention Awareness Day", the message is clear: falls are not a normal part of aging and falls can be prevented. To highlight just how this can and will be done, a detailed action plan has been produced to move the state from being one of the leaders in fall related deaths in the country to being a state where older adults live healthy, independent lives, free from falls.

Wisconsin Fall Prevention Activities 2010 (PDF)
The Wisconsin Department of Health Services, in collaboration with the Injury Research Center gathered information about the various fall prevention programs that had occurred in the previous 12 months. This survey report, published in 2010 captures those findings.