Obtaining Approvals

This section provides important information for the investigator, organized according to the type of research being conducted.

Detailed steps needed to obtain specific approvals are documented on our process maps on the Master List of all Processes & Guides (PDF)available on our Research Concierge website.

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What is eBridge?

eBridge is a web-based software application used for review and processing of approvals for human, animal, and safety protocols and applications for funding.


Working with Chemicals

The Hazardous Chemical Committee reviews work with select carcinogens, teratogens, mutagens, acutely toxic chemicals, and other hazardous chemicals.


Working with Human Subjects

All human subject research activities must be submitted for review and approval by the Institutional Review Board (IRB).

controlled substances

Working with Controlled Substances

Acquisition, use, storage, and disposal of controlled substances must conform to Federal and State laws.


Working with Animals

All animal research activities must be approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).


Working with MRI

MRI Safety Committee approval is required if proposed research involves the use of MRI which is not a standard of care.


Working with Biologicals

Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) approval is necessary prior to initiating work involving biologics or biohazards.


Working with Radioactive Material

MCW is licensed by the State of Wisconsin for radioactive materials for clinical and research applications.