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Helping MCW investigators start up their research programs.

Welcome, incoming investigators! All faculty are asked to complete the Research Onboarding Survey at the time of their electronic offer acceptance. This appears as a task in the Faculty Affairs' New Hire Onboarding Portal for all incoming faculty categorized as "research" and/or "clinical." After completing the survey...

Step 1: Register for eBridge

Step 2: Initiate Approval Processes

After receiving credentials to log into the MCW secure network, this is also a good time to begin Safety Courses and to schedule eBridge training. Specific training requirements are outlined as steps in the workflows below.

For help at any time, contact the Office of ResearchView or Print the Researcher's Quick Reference (PDF) for an at-a-glance view of contact information and resources. 


Step 1: Register for eBridge

eBridge is MCW's electronic research system. Investigators will need an eBridge account for...

  • Funding Proposals (grants)
  • Human Subject Research Applications
  • Animal Use Applications
  • Institutional Biosafety Committee Applications

All incoming faculty who complete the Research Onboarding Survey will receive instructions to register for eBridge. Contact the Research Concierge for assistance.

Incoming research staff: Review registration information on the eBridge page.


Step 2: Initiate Approval Processes

Once you've received eBridge access, you can begin requesting approvals for conducting your research. If at any time you have a question regarding the workflows or need assistance navigating the approval processes, contact the Research Concierge