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About Us

Our faculty research topics are comprehensive and include everything from cell and developmental biology to structural biology. The unifying theme defining us is an interest in biological processes at the molecular level. The biochemistry department is home to state-of-the-art facilities and instruments including X-ray crystallography, NMR spectroscopy, mass spectrometry, fluorescence microscopy, and many more. The collaborative atmosphere of the department celebrates learning, making it the ideal place to train for a wide variety of biomedical science careers.


Graduate Student News

We would like to welcome the following graduate students into the Department of Biochemistry. These students have completed their first year of graduate school and have now entered labs in which they intend to do their thesis and graduate with a Doctor of Philosophy. They are as follows:

Sarah Riutta – Volkman Lab
John Egner – Hill Lab
Josh Stafford – Corbett Lab
Adam Kanack – Scaglione Lab
Stephanie Santarriaga – Scaglione Lab
Aye Myat Myat Thin – Yan-Qing Ma Lab Versiti Blood Research Institute
Matt Waas – Gundry Lab

We would also like to welcome three new MSTP students. These students have completed their second year of Medical School and have decided to become MD/PhDs. Upon completion of their PhD, they will return to medical school as third-year students.

Jimmy Miller – Dahms Lab
Monica Thomas – Volkman Lab
Andrew Kleist – Volkman Lab