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Biochemistry Graduate Program

Translational Science will be explored through team-based learning with class discussion of assigned cases. At the end of the course, the students will describe and analyze the use of appropriate clinical and translational research techniques, evidence based medicine and outcomes research methods, identify gaps between basic science knowledge and clinical practice for specific clinical questions pertinent to their area of research, propose the steps needed to apply basic science knowledge to outline possible experiments that are feasible and compliant with regulatory and ethical issues and identify significant clinical questions/hypotheses that would benefit from translational research programs.

Degree Offered
Doctor in Philosophy

Dual Degree Program
Qualified medical students may be admitted into a program leading to the acquisition of both a PhD and MD degree.

Program Admission Requirements
Admission to the Biochemistry Graduate Program is through the Interdisciplinary Program in Biomedical Sciences. After completing the first year curriculum, students who choose to complete their dissertation work with faculty of the Biochemistry Department will have the opportunity to continue their graduate studies. They will select from a wide range of courses offered within the Biochemistry Department, as well as other programs at MCW. Courses to be taken are based on the student's interests in consultation with the student's dissertation committee.

The Department of Biochemistry offers diverse research opportunities ideal for PhD candidates interested in pursuing biomedical research at a molecular level.

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