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Qualitative Research Consulting Service

The Qualitative Research Consulting Service is part of the Center for Healthy Communities and Research (CHCR) within the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin and provides comprehensive consulting in qualitative research methodologies to MCW faculty, staff and trainees. Consulting is provided by CHCR faculty and staff. Staff consultants are supervised by a member of the faculty. Consulting services are offered for a standard fee and are provided on an appointment basis. After the initial consultation, a time estimate is provided.

About Our Services

Our consulting services include assistance with research design; grant language; interview and focus group questionnaire development; qualitative data collection and analysis, community-based dissemination and; publication review. Our services are provided through hourly consultations, faculty FTE on grant funded projects, and professional training.
Our center is made up of qualitative methods experts focusing on community-engaged research, with extensive grant preparation on projects funded by NIH, NEH, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Advancing Healthier Wisconsin, CTSI, HRSA, and VA.
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Free Drop-In Service

Please direct any concerns about these changes to Dr. Young, the Center of Healthy Communities and Research Director.

Hours & Location:
The Center for Healthy Communities and Research hosts weekly drop-in sessions on Wednesdays from 9:00-11:00 am in the Department of Family and Community Medicine, 2nd Floor of the Hub for Collaborative Medicine.

The Drop-In Service is supported in part by the Department of Family and Community Medicine and the Center for Healthy Communities and Research.

Qualitative Consultation Service Team


Staci A. Young, PhD

Associate Professor and Director, Center for Healthy Communities and Research

GHE Course: Health Disparities and Underlying Determinants of Health and Principles and Practices of Community-Academic Partnerships


Katinka Hooyer, PhD, MS

Assistant Professor


Melissa DeNomie, MS

Program Manager

More Information

  • Assistance with qualitative research study design
  • Design and analysis of focus groups
  • Design and analysis of interviews
  • Assistance with grant preparation
  • Training in focus group facilitation
  • Training in structured and semi-structured interviewing
  • Data collection and analysis
  • Publication review
  • Community based dissemination
  • Arts-based research
Consulting Fees

Hourly rates are:

  • $76 per hour

Services can be provided for grant funded projects through faculty FTE at 5-30% FTE with the following duties:

5% | 2 hours/week
Duties and Assignments: Consulting – no data collection, analysis planning

10% | 4 hours/week
Duties and Assignments: Assist with planning data collection and analysis; write interview guide; train interviewers; review analyzed data
(no data collection)

15% | 6 hours/week
Duties and Assignments: Some assistance with data collection and analysis

20% | 8 hours/week
Duties and Assignments: Moderate assistance with data collection and analysis

25% | 10 hours/week
Duties and Assignments: Heavy assistance with data collection and analysis

30%+ | 12+ hours/week
Duties and Assignments: Heavy assistance with data collection and analysis for a study that is primarily qualitative

Investigator Information
IRB requirement:
In section 30.3 of your IRB SMARTFORM, mention that your analysis will be performed by the Qualitative Consulting Service.

Where meaningful intellectual contribution to the formulation of a research question, the analysis and/or results for a research paper has been provided by the qualitative research consultant, it is hoped that CHCR personnel will be offered co-authorship on consequent publications and presentations (though this is not a requirement).

End of project requirements:
Please notify us of any abstracts, posters, papers, or grant submissions resulting from this work. We also ask that for any publication you comply with the NIH Public Access Policy and apply for a PMCID number. Papers with such numbers, which are essentially automatically given for most publications, allow us to obtain full credit with NIH for our collaborative work. We can help you with this number should you need assistance.
Monthly Qualitative Research Workgroup
Come share your qualitative projects with other researchers in the field and generate ideas or receive feedback. Our scheduled workshops and discussions cover various topics including mobile data collection, online research, and emerging methodologies. The schedule will be available soon.