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About the MCW Human Research Protection Program

HRPP mission, organization, and contact information.

Mission Statement

MCW Human Research Protection Program’s (HRPP) primary mission is to protect the rights, welfare and privacy of all individuals participating in research sponsored by the Medical College of Wisconsin, Froedtert Health and Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin. The HRPP oversees and supports the MCW Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) which review all research studies involving human subjects for safety, compliance with regulations, scientific quality, and ethical standards. The HRPP provides guidance and resources for the MCW IRBs, investigators, and study team members. Ongoing training for researchers and quality improvement activities are directed toward compliance with regulations and scientific integrity.

An AAHRPP Accredited Institution since 2011

The Medical College of Wisconsin joins an elite group of about 250 U.S. organizations and seven organizations from outside the United States in achieving full accreditation from the Association for the Accreditation of Human Research Protection Programs, Inc. (AAHRPP). In achieving full AAHRPP accreditation, MCW has demonstrated its commitment to rigorous standards that help protect research participants while ensuring that society continues to reap the benefits of research.

Contact Information

For an overview of the office, please review HRPP Organization Chart. For general questions, feel free to email the IRB Office.


HRPP Leadership

Ryan Spellecy, PhD
Director, Human Research Protections Program
(414) 955-8422 |
Human Subject Research Determinations; FDA-regulated devices; Engagement in Research consultation

AnnMarie Eve
IRB Operations Manager
(414) 955-4415 |
General IRB Operations, eBridge SmartForms, Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office, Emergency Use Notification

Kathryn Gaudreau
IRB Development and Education
(414) 955-8337 |
Policy & Procedure development, Research Education; AAHRPP Accreditation

Jenifer Hollenstein
IRB Manager
(414) 955-8288 |

Roxanne Pritchard
Quality Improvement Manager
(414) 955-8844   |
Routine Review; For-Cause Audits; Requested Reviews; Consent Observations
Beth McDonough, JD
Inter-Institutional Liaison
(414) 955-4585  |
IRB Deferral Agreements; Inter-Institutional Agreements; Central and Single IRB requests
Sara Griffin
IRB Analyst
(414) 955-4196  |
Consent Form templates;  Real-Time IRB Review


MCW IRB Coordinators

Committee #1: 
Taylor Griffith
(414) 955-4408  |
Committee #2: 
Tim Schafer
(414) 955-8362  | 
Committee #3: 
Ashley Zellhoefer, MS
(414) 955-8455  |
Committee #4: 
Melissa Lechner
(414) 955-8505 |

Committee #5:
Cara Marzion
(414) 955-8601 | 

Marcus Hendrickson

(414) 955-8348 |
Administrative Support:
Morgan Medina
(414) 955-8422 |


QI Specialist  

Mala Bobade
(414) 955-8447 |
Routine Reviews, For-Cause Audits; Requested Reviews; Consent Observations