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MCW IRB Partners

MCW IRB provides oversight for human subject research occurring at Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin, Children's Wisconsin, and the Froedtert Health System, including Froedtert Health Clinics, Froedtert Hospital, Froedtert Menomonee Falls Hospital & Froedtert West Bend Hospital.

Children's Wisconsin IRB Transition 2022 - 2023

In July, 2021 a research affiliation agreement was negotiated between MCW and Children's Wisconsin (CW) which states that the CW Human Research Protection Program will rely on the MCW IRB pediatric review committees to review, approve, and monitor human subjects research. CW will continue to operate their HRPP office and will provide support services, local context review, and consideration of requests to rely on other IRBs as appropriate. 

The MCW HRPP is establishing two new pediatric IRB Committees, one minimal risk, and one greater than minimal risk, to review pediatric studies. 


Access the CW HRPP online: 

CW HRPP Public Website
CW HRPP Education & Training Resources
General Inquiries:

Information for transition of studies from IRBNet to eBridge: 

As of July 1, 2022, new CW studies can be submitted in eBridge.

Studies that were approved by the CW IRB prior to July 1, 2022, are being transferred to MCW IRB oversight. The transfer of these project will take place through the 1st quarter of 2024. IRBNet projects will receive a notification from eBridge beginning 120 days prior to protocol expiration. The process of transferring currently approved research projects will begin by submitting a "Transfer Project" application in eBridge no later than 60 days prior to the research project's expiration date. This submission will consist of completing the new research project submission, PRO SmartForm and the Continuing Progress Report SmartForm. 

For more information on the transition of CW studies, please review Children's Wisconsin Transition: Frequently Asked Questions (PDF). 

To sign up for one-on-one eBridge training, please complete the request form.  

Local Institutions under MCW IRB Oversight

The following institutions have executed agreements which identifies MCW IRB as their IRB of oversight for all human subject research which may engage their faculty, resources or students. MCW HRPP has identified these institutions as components which fall under MCW's AAHRPP accreditation. 
Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin

Starting January 2014 Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin contracted with the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) for IRB services.

This move was made to provide access to greater IRB resources in terms of regulatory compliance and expertise, IRB staffing and services, and electronic protocol management.

MCW’s AAHRPP accreditation assures government regulators and industry sponsors of our commitment to the protection of research participants. This move brings us one step closer to IRB consistency across campus institutions and is intended to help meet the growing needs of Blood Center researchers.

All individuals involved in the design, conduct or review of human subject research that is reviewed by MCW IRB must comply with MCW HSRP requirements. 

Investigators who have previously complied with the Blood Center's HSRP training requirement of NIH training will be accepted if training has been completed within 3 years prior to May 1, 2014.  MCW HSRP training will be required to be completed once their NIH training has expired. 

IRB SOP: HSRP Training Requirements (PDF)

Froedtert Health System

If you are looking to conduct your research at any Froedtert Health (FH) System entity including but not limited to Froedtert Hospital, Froedtert Menomonee Falls Hospital, Froedtert West Bend Hospital or any of FH clinics, and/or utilize any FH resource for your research. 

Resources may include but not limited to access or use of clinical staff, equipment, supplies, images, protected health information. 

Research projects must be reviewed by and receive FH Administrative Approval through the FH Office of Clinical Research & Innovative Care Compliance (OCRICC). OCRICC recommends that you contact OCRICC no later than submission to the IRB.

Froedtert Health OCRICC Office

Multi-Site Projects

MCW considers a multi-site project to be a human subjects research study that will be initiated at more than one location other than or in addition to MCW or identified partners (Froedtert Health System or Versiti Blood Center of Wisconsin). This definition includes community-based projects as well as clinical trials. Examples include:

  • MCW and Children’s Wisconsin
  • Froedtert Hospital and Marquette
  • MCW and United Community Center
  • Clinical trial conducted at numerous sites, even if all sites obtain IRB approval independently of each other.

If you are uncertain if your project is considered "multi-site," contact the HRPP Office for guidance.