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Real-Time IRB Review at the Medical College of Wisconsin

The MCW IRB Office, in conjunction with the Clinical & Translational Science Institute , has developed a "real-time" IRB experience. 

How Does the Real-Time IRB Work?

The goal of Real-Time IRB review is to schedule new IRB submissions for review at an IRB committee meeting within 14-20 days from the day that they are received by the IRB All departmental and ancillary review(s) must be complete. All MCW IRB Committees are able to support this endeavor. 

The Principal Investigator and study coordinator must attend the IRB Committee meeting at which the research is scheduled for review.

The Committee will conduct their review. If the study cannot be approved and the Committee has questions or requested modifications, they will communicate these changes to the PI and study coordinator and the study team may make changes in eBridge while the IRB is meeting and then re-present the study for a second review. The HRPP Office will provide access to a computer on the MCW network near the meeting location.

Submit the online form to nominate a study for Real-Time IRB review