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MCW HRPP Corrective Action Plan

Routine Review results may require implementation of a corrective action plan.

About Corrective Action Plans

Routine Review results may include findings that require the principal investigator and research team to identify and implement a corrective action to ensure the research project is conducted in accordance with the IRB approved protocol. A Corrective Action Plan (CAP) template is available for the research team use.

Instructions for Use

  • Complete the Corrective Action Plan template with the following information:
    • PRO number
    • Category and finding as listed in the Routine Review Final Summary
    • Description of the corrective action(s) that have been or will be implemented and implementation date of the action(s),
    • Indicate whether the finding requires immediate action/filing of a Reportable Event with the IRB.
    • Include the name of the person completing the CAP and date.
  • Save the completed document as "CAP for PRO" and include the PRO number. Retain the document in accordance with the process outlined by your department/division.
  • Submit the completed CAP to the QA/I staff using the activity button found in the PRO workspace.

Corrective Action Plan Templates (DOCX)