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Human Research Protection Program

IRB Policies and Procedures

Learn about all current MCW IRB policies and procedures for Investigators and project teams in their conduct of human subject research.

IRB Policies and Procedures

IRB Submissions and Review

Case Reports and Case Studies (PDF)

Registration Projects: Review under FLEX Criteria (PDF)

Quality Assurance / Quality Improvement Projects (PDF)

Submitting New Studies (PDF)

Amendments (PDF)

Continuing Progress Reports (CPR) (PDF)

6-Year Renewals (PDF)

Study Closure (PDF)

Planned Emergency Research (PDF)

Banking: Accumulating Health Care Data or Biospecimens for Future, Unspecified Research Purposes (PDF)

  • All Investigators & study staff must complete training for Bank Custodians & Key Personnel (Register for D2LTraining module)
  • The activity of collecting and storing data or biospecimens for future, unspecified research purposes is considered a "research activity" subject to IRB review and approval - independently of the IRB review/approval required for specific studies with the same data/biospecimens