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Medical College of Wisconsin IRB Policies & Procedures

Learn about all current MCW IRB policies and procedures for investigators and project teams.

IRB Policies & Procedures

These documents outline the policies and Standard Operating Procedures for conducting human subject research.
IRB Submissions and Review

Case Reports and Case Studies (PDF)

Registration Projects: Review under FLEX Criteria (PDF)

Quality Assurance / Quality Improvement Projects (PDF)

Submitting New Studies (PDF)

Amendments (PDF)

Continuing Progress Reports (CPR) (PDF)

6-Year Renewals (PDF)

Study Closure (PDF)

Planned Emergency Research (PDF)

Banking: Accumulating Health Care Data or Biospecimens for Future, Unspecified Research Purposes (PDF)

  • All Investigators & study staff must complete training for Bank Custodians & Key Personnel (Register for D2LTraining module)
  • The activity of collecting and storing data or biospecimens for future, unspecified research purposes is considered a "research activity" subject to IRB review and approval - independently of the IRB review/approval required for specific studies with the same data/biospecimens

IRB Guidance