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Cardiovascular Academic Initiative TeamThe Cardiovascular Academic Initiative was formed in the fall of 2020 in response to the need(s) of building a more robust infrastructure for facilitating multi-directional cardiovascular translational research. The CAI builds upon MCW’s current strengths in the fundamental research in cardiovascular science research by leveraging existing assets available through the Clinical and Translational Research Initiative (CTSI) of Southeast Wisconsin and MCW’s Cardiovascular Center to support building a robust, synergistic translational research infrastructure to speed the translation of cardiovascular research to the bedside as well as find novel solutions to critical 21st century problems in cardiovascular care.

Our Goals

  • Create collaborative spaces for innovation in cardiovascular research and clinical care
  • Facilitate the translation of cardiovascular research between basic sciences, early human studies, and clinical practice
  • Train the next generation of leaders in cardiovascular research and education

Meet Our Team


Michael E. Widlansky, MD, MPH

Northwestern Mutual Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine, Department of Medicine and Pharmacology; Associate Director, Cardiovascular Center


Amberly Anger

Program Manager I


Michelle Knezevich

Data Analyst


Monica Driessen

Clinical Research Coordinator


Nicholas Durst

Clinical Research Assistant II

Funding Opportunities

Patient-Oriented Cardiovascular Academic Projects (PCAP)

  • Application for up to $10,000 will be considered (one year of funding)
  • Derived from funds via the 2018/2019 Heart of the Matter fundraiser
  • Project must meet the NIH’s definition of Patient-Oriented Research
  • Cannot supplant current funding
  • Reviewed on a rolling basis over the 2023-24 academic year
  • RFA: PCAP (PDF) and Non-Supplanting Attestation (PDF).

Cardiovascular Focused Ensembles

  • In collaboration with the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) of Southeast Wisconsin of Southeast Wisconsin, the CAI will be issuing a request for applications (RFA) for the formation of cardiovascular-focused research ensembles.
  • Successfully formed Ensembles selected for this program are eligible for an initial $50,000 line of credit to support their approach. In addition, the Ensemble will receive administrative support from the CTSI as well as clinical research coordinator and data analytics support from the CAI.
  • Applications for the Cardiovascular Focused Ensemble formation for 2023 are now closed. Stay tuned for 2024 information.
  • The CAI has funded the following:
    • Funded May 1, 2022
      • Dr. Marcie Berger & Dr. Stacey Gardiner – entitled "CTSI Community Care Initiative Risk & Prevention Program Ensemble"
      • Dr. Kevin Cohoon – entitled "Rapid, Accurate Diagnosis of Traumatic Brain Injury/Concussion at the Point of Injury Ensemble"
    • Funded June 1, 2023
      • Dr. Rashimi Sood – entitled "Prediction of Time to Delivery Ensemble"

CAI Services


Cardiovascular Tissue Biobanking

  • In collaboration with the MCW Tissue Bank, the CAI has worked with the clinical services to support consenting of surgical patients and procuring tissue samples from cardiovascular surgical cases that occur at Froedtert Hospital.
    • Tissue obtained depend upon the surgical procedure
    • Samples, saved in RNALater, snap frozen, and FFPE& stained slides
    • Standard set of clinical data is provided with each sample
      • Contact CAI for a complete list of available data fields
  • Tissue Samples Available: carotid plaques, aortic aneurysm wall, aortic plaque, cardiac valves, left atrial appendage, saphenous veins, left internal mammary artery.
    • Contact CAI for a complete list
  • Request tissue samples using “Cardiovascular Tissue Bank Request Form” via iLab.

Cardiovascular Data Core Analytics

  • The CAI’s data core offers support for data extractions from MCW Clinical Data Warehouse and other existing clinical and research databases. Projects involving large datasets for clinical outcomes, quality improvement, and descriptive analytics can be supported. The future state of the CAI Data Core will include the development of diagnostic, predictive, and prescriptive analytical tools for the study of cardiovascular disease and support quality clinical care.
  • For more information on the scope of your data project please refer to the Data Analytics Scope Document (DOCX)
  • Apply for these services in iLab, and feel free to contact us directly with any specific questions.
  • Sample IRB protocol for data extraction (PDF)

Research Coordinator Services

  • Recruitment
  • Consenting
  • Creation of Informed Consent and Study Source Document
  • IRB Guidance

Other Services

Apply for all CAI Services using the corresponding forms in iLab.

Contact Us

The Cardiovascular Academic Initiative is currently conducting drug and/or device trials in the cardiac subspecialties listed. However, this does not limit what we may be working on tomorrow.

Please contact the Cardiovascular Academic Initiative directly by emailing


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CAI, 5th Floor
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Program Director
Michael Widlansky, MD, MPH


Program Manager
Amberly Anger

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