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Faculty wellness is an ongoing priority at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW), and the well-being of our faculty is critical to our missions. The Office of Faculty Affairs is focused on creating a culture of wellness through supporting and empowering leaders and faculty. We provide well-being resources, support and tools to faculty and actively anticipate and respond to faculty well-being needs. Improving well-being is reflected in the organizational strategy towards differentiated approaches that are inclusive and recognize unique needs for growth and resiliency. As an institution, we consider wellness a lifestyle concept integrating improved personal, professional and community development. The Office of Faculty Affairs collaborates with our partners and affiliates to enhance the experience at MCW such that the institution as a community contributes to a full, healthy lifestyle.

Wellness concepts cut across all aspects of the institution, recognizing we must address wellness of faculty and providers as clinicians, educators and scientists, in all roles they serve and across all affiliates and locations.

Well-Being Index – A tool for faculty to assess their well-being over time

Late in 2016, as part of the MCW Office of Faculty Affairs’ continued commitment to faculty well-being, we introduced a tool to help provide faculty with a way to assess their well-being.

Well being index graph

The Well-Being Index is a brief, anonymous online self-assessment which provides immediate, individualized feedback including tools and local and national resources to help faculty enhance their well-being. The Well-Being Index tool is based on validated research conducted by the Mayo Clinic and is offered to MCW faculty as a free resource. Aggregate data provides indicators to our offices as to areas of need for wellness intervention.

One great benefit of this tool is that it can be retaken—every three months—to provide faculty with a view of their well-being over time.

Through the brief, nine-question assessment, faculty will:

  • Receive a report on their current level of well-being.
  • Learn how their level of well-being compares to others nationally.
  • Track how their well-being changes over time.
  • Gain access to local and national resources to promote well-being.

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