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Office of Research

Office of Research Units

Each of our 9 units provides a specialized function to support MCW researchers. 

Biomedical Resource Center

The Biomedical Resource Center provides core support for animal-based research and teaching at the college. The Center employs support technicians and veterinary staff who work to sustain a high quality environment in which state-of-the-art animal husbandry and veterinary medical care. Besides being responsible for the daily care of the animals used for research and teaching at the Medical College, BRC veterinary staff are available for consultation regarding veterinary care or welfare of the animals in the course of research.

Contact the BRC
(414) 955-4209

Grants & Contracts Office

The goal of the Grants & Contracts Office (GCO) is to support investigators and the MCW research community in submitting high quality, competitive and compliant research; to maintain commitments to our corporate and Federal sponsors; to ensure compliance with all applicable Federal, State, local and institutional policies and regulations; and to promote best practices; policies and procedures that ensure consistency and efficiency in our interactions with sponsors, affiliates, collaborators and investigators.

Contact Grants & Contracts Office
(414) 955-8563
Grants & Contracts Office website

Human Research Protection Program

The mission of the Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) is to protect the rights, welfare and privacy of all individuals participating in research sponsored by the Medical College of Wisconsin and Froedtert Hospital. The HRPP supports the MCW/FH Institutional Review Boards (IRBs) that review all research studies involving human subjects for safety, compliance with regulations, and ethical standards. The HRPP provides guidance and resources for the MCW/FH IRBs, investigators, study team members, and the entire MCW/FH community. Study-specific consultations, training for investigators and study team members, and quality improvement activities are part of the HRPP mission.

Contact HRPP
(414) 955-8422
HRPP website

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) forms the foundation for effective self-regulation of animal care and use and is responsible for reviewing all protocols involving live vertebrate animals, ensuring compliance with federal regulations, inspecting animal facilities and laboratories, and overseeing training and educational programs. The overall role of the IACUC is to ensure the humane care and use of animals.

The IACUC provides assistance to investigators in fulfilling their obligation to plan and conduct animal experiments in accordance with the highest scientific, humane, and ethical principles. The Committee has several important functions, including:

  • Review of the institution’s program for humane care and use of animals every six months
  • Inspection of the animal facility and research laboratories using animals every six months
  • Preparation of a report of the Program Review and Facility Inspection and its submission to the designated Institutional Official, identifying any significant deficiencies the committee judges to be a threat to the health and safety of the animals
  • Investigation of concerns involving the care and use of animals at our institution resulting from concerns or complaints by Medical College employees or the public
  • Advisement and recommendation of improvements in the animal care program, facilities, or personnel training to the Institutional Official
  • Review and approval, withholding of approval or suspension of animal use activities (Animal Use Applications)

Since membership on the Committee is on a voluntary, part-time basis, the Medical College of Wisconsin has full-time IACUC staff to handle the day-to-day affairs of the Committee. The staff receives, reviews, and distributes all submissions to the IACUC, such as animal use applications, annual reviews, amendments, and animal ordering.

Contact the IACUC Office

Institutional Biosafety Committee

The Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) at the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) has the responsibility to assure the safe use of recombinant DNA (rDNA) as outlined by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), to assure the safety of MCW personnel and others working with rDNA and/or biological materials, and to limit the environmental impact of rDNA and biological agents, including pathogens, utilized by investigators at the MCW.

Contact the IBC
(414) 955-8060
Institutional Biosafety Committee website

MCW Libraries

The MCW Libraries seek to provide access to information to promote the Medical College of Wisconsin's goals of improving the quality of patient care, education, research and community service; provide information in traditional printed forms, as well as electronic formats, and promote awareness and utilization of these resources; assume the responsibility of staying at the forefront of information transfer, and endeavor to make unique or unusual information resources readily accessible; serve as a link in local, national, and international information programs; are dedicated to providing the highest standards of service and leadership in information management.

Contact MCW Libraries
(414) 955-8302
MCW Libraries website

Office of Technology Development

The Office of Technology Development is responsible for managing the discoveries, inventions, and other intellectual property assets of the Medical College of Wisconsin and advancing these discoveries from Patents to Patients®.  In this endeavor, OTD identifies and protects novel ideas and then markets those ideas to established companies or helps form spin-off companies to develop commercial products.

Contact OTD
(414) 955-4362
Office of Technology Development website

Radiation Safety Office

The Office of Radiation Safety ensures the safe and compliant use of radioactive materials and provides training and guidance for MCW faculty and staff who use radioactive materials.

Contact Radiation Safety
(414) 955-4347
Radiation Safety website

Research Systems

The Research Systems team includes eBridge Administration, OnCore Administration, and Research Systems Training. The Team designs, develops, enhances, maintains, trains, and supports the eBridge application through collaboration with: Grants and Contracts; Human Research Protection Program; IACUC Staff, Safety Committees, Sponsored Programs, MCW-IS, and Corporate Compliance. The Team also supports the OnCore system with day-to-day help desk service, installation of system upgrades, and new functionality providing documents and training, all in collaboration with current oncology and non-oncology users, the MCW Tissue Bank, Compliance, Pharmacy, EPIC and the vendor. eBridge is a web-based software solution that facilitates submission of applications for funding, and research. In addition, it tracks research related training, ensuring regulatory compliance.

Bridge website

OnCore is an enterprise software system for protocol and subject life-cycle management, subject safety management, study calendars, management of financials, electronic data capture and management, paperless committee functionality (SRC, DSMC), ownership of the study information portal and custom reporting. 

OnCore website