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Public & Community Health Faculty

Kirsten Beyer, PhD, MPH, MS

Kirsten Beyer_Academic Profile

Research Interests: Health equity, global health, environmental health/justice, structural racism, racial segregation/housing discrimination, geospatial analysis/GIS, community engaged research, chronic disease


Rachel Cusatis, PhD, MA

Rachel Cusatis, PhD

Research Interests: Patient-reported outcomes, quality of life, social determinants of health, decision making, health disparities, mixed methods, survey design, cancer


Matthew Dellinger, PhD, MS

Matthew Dellinger, PhD

Research Interests: Environmental health, toxicology, risk assessment, Native American partnerships, ecology, epidemiology


Julia Dickson Gomez, PhD, MA


Research Interests: HIV/AIDS; substance use and misuse; social determinants of health; housing and homelessness; informal settlements; neighborhood deprivation


Kathryn Flynn, PhD, MS

Kathryn Flynn_Academic Profile

Research Interests: Patient-reported outcome measures, health-related quality of life, genitourinary research, cancer, surveys, mixed methods, patient decision-making, interventions


Zeno Franco, PhD

Zeno Franco

Research Interests: Major disasters and crisis events, information systems, mental health, mental health crisis, PTSD, informatics, mHealth systems, sensor systems, genomics


Carol Galletly, JD, PhD, MA


Research Interests: Infectious disease, policy, law, HIV, immigration, public health departments, dating violence


Katinka Hooyer, PhD


Research Interests: Veteran mental health, arts-based research, collective healing practices, psychedelic-assisted therapy, moral injury, trauma, medical anthropology, nontraditional qualitative research


Steven John, PhD, MPH

Steven John

Research Interests: HIV prevention, sexually transmitted diseases, sexual and gender minority health, quantitative methods, mHealth, biomedical prevention, health behavior theory, intervention acceptability


Constance Kostelac, PhD

Constance Kostelac, PhD

Research Interests: Violence, drug overdoses, opioids, incident reviews, data (analysis, visualization, mapping), program evaluation, Nexus public health and public safety, community-engaged research


Purushottam (Prakash) Laud, PhD, MS, MA

Purushottam Laud, PhD

Research Interests: Bayesian Methodology, machine learning, health outcomes in populations, disparities, design of cancer studies, individualized predictions, individualized treatment rules, survival analysis


John Meurer, MD, MBA

John Meurer, MD, MBA

Research Interests: Early childhood development and screening, trauma-informed education of school children, impact of Medicaid expansion on diabetes, Emergency department use with COVID, COVID-19 antibody tests of vulnerable populations


David Nelson, PhD

David Nelson_Academic Profile

Research Interests: Social determinants, primary care, food security, housing stability, community engagement, connectedness, public health, quality of life


Alan Nyitray, PhD, MS

Alan Nyitray Headshot March 2019- sized AQM

Research Interests: Sexually transmitted infections, anal cancer, epidemiology, HPV, LGBTQ, cancer screening


Katherine Quinn, PhD, MA

Katherine Quinn, PhD

Research Interests: Racial disparities in HIV, sexual health, LGBTQ health, qualitative methods and analysis, stigma, housing and homelessness


Ryan Spellecy, PhD

Ryan Spellecy, PhD

Research Interests: Research ethics, ethical issues in mental health, community-based research ethics, character, IRBs, pediatric ethics, genomics and ethics, informed consent


Rebekah Walker, PhD, MS

Rebekah Walker_ Academic Profile\

Research Interests: Social determinants of health, socioeconomic disparities, race/ethnic disparities, food insecurity, diabetes, chronic disease, racism, inner city environment


Jennifer Walsh, PhD, MA

Jennifer Walsh_Academic Profile

Research Interests: HIV prevention, pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), longitudinal data analysis, adolescent sexual health and risk, social determinants of health, HIV treatment cascade, modern statistical methods, developmental psychology


Aaron Winn, PhD, MPP

Aaron Winn, PhD

Research Interests: Outcome research, causal analysis, medication adherence, health disparities, comparative effectiveness, cost-effectiveness analysis, diffusion of new treatments, conflict of interest


Staci Young, PhD, MS

Staci A. Young, PhD

Research Interests: Health disparities, women’s health, structural determinants of health, violence, race and racism, organization of (health care) work


Terri deRoon-Cassini, PhD, MS

Terri Deroon-Cassini, PhD, MS

Research Interests: Trauma, biological mechanisms, violence prevention and intervention, Posttraumatic stress disorder, mental health, secondary prevention, social determinants of health, gun violence


Leonard Egede, MD, MS

Leonard E. Egede, MD, MS

Research Interests: Health disparities, racism, health services research, development and testing of interventions, community-based participatory research, implementation science, health systems research


Stephen Hargarten, MD, MPH


Research Interests: Advancing injury prevention and control sciences, global burden of violence, gun violence, novel/innovative ways to link data systems to robust understanding of the burden of injury, health care expansion to include behavioral and social care.


Cheryl A. Maurana, PhD

Cheryl Maurana_Academic Profile

Research Interests: Women's leadership, population health, community health, systems change, medicine and public health, values in medicine.


Leslie Ruffalo, PhD

Leslie Ruffalo

Research Interests: Food security, school-based health and wellness, caregiver support, mental health, rural health, and Veteran health.


Laura Cassidy, PhD, MS

Laura Cassidy, MS, PhD

Research Interests: pediatric trauma, clinical research, social determinants of health and health disparities, global health including the measurement of early childhood development in Uganda and barriers to immunizations in Ugandan children and depression in young mothers in Uganda


C Greer Jordan, PhD

C. Greer Jordan, MBA, PhD

Research Interests: Grounded Theory, Cultural Diversity, Organizational Innovation


Jessica Olson, PhD

Jessica Olson, PhD, MPH

Research Interests: Cancer Disparities, Multi-Disciplinary Research, Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Education


Joanne Lagatta, MD

Joanne Lagatta, MD

Research Interests: Prematurity, infant health, family functioning for infants with complex health needs, social determinants of health, neonatal intensive care