Burden of Suicide in Wisconsin Report

"The Injury Research Center at the Medical College of Wisconsin has partnered with Mental Health America of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services to produce The Burden of Suicide in Wisconsin Report which provides detailed information about suicidal behavior, including completed suicides and attempts. The report provides not only detailed breakdowns by age, sex, race/ethnicity and other categories but the report also provides information about the circumstances associated with completed suicides: presence of depressed mood or mental health problems, presence of alcohol or other drugs in the body, life circumstances and more. We hope this report will help decision-makers, mental health and public health professionals, mental health consumers, advocates and family members and others among the general public interested in suicide prevention address the problem through better data. The report also contains extensive information about best practices in suicide prevention. Some county level data is provided in the report and more detailed county level reports will be forthcoming.

Burden of Suicide Report 2014 (PDF)

County-level information sheets (check back for additional counties will be added as they are completed):