Resident Spouse/Significant Other Association


The MCWAH Resident Spouse/Significant Other Association (RSA) would like to welcome residents, fellows and their families to MCWAH and the Milwaukee area.

RSA typically conducts several "Meet and Greets" for newcomers during new resident/fellow orientation in late June and July. We have a dedicated space at MCWAH's orientation as well a Welcome picnic (PDF). We host an evening get-together at a member's house or a night out at a local restaurant. These are all great opportunities to come learn more about RSA. We will post dates for these events on our bi-monthly e-newsletter, The Beeper (PDF).

Resident Spouse / Signifcant Other Association



Resident Spouse / Signifcant Other Association







If you are finding us sometime between these events, don't wait and don't be shy, join us at one of our upcoming regular member activities (PDF)such as kid's playgroup, book club, or Spouse's/Significant Other's Night Out or find us on Facebook! We're looking forward to meeting you.


Resident Spouse / Signifcant Other Association



Resident Spouse / Signifcant Other Association






If you have any questions or suggestions for us, email us at

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  What is RSA?

A Message from the President

The Resident Spouse/Significant Other Association (RSA) is an organization for the spouses and significant others of MCWAH residents and fellows. We exist to help ease the adjustment to residency or fellowship life, and we do that by offering many fun social activities for our members and their families. We know that residency and fellowship involve many unique challenges that other couples and/or families outside of medicine may not understand. Our organization affords members a chance to meet and connect with other people who are dealing with similar challenges. Listed below are just a few of the key things that you will get with your RSA membership:

  • A one-year subscription to our e-newsletter, The Beeper (PDF), providing dates, times & locations of all RSA events
  • The chance to meet other people experiencing the same life situation (it isn’t always easy and we know it!)
  • Free or discounted admission to a variety of fun-filled, pre-planned activities
  • A chance to help out the community by participating in philanthropy projects
  • Create new friendships for you, your spouse or significant other and your children

We strive to meet the needs of all spouses and significant others, so whether you are new to the Milwaukee area or are a native Milwaukeean, whether you have children or not, we have activities designed for you! Feel free to check out our calendar of activities. Our membership fee is $30 for the year, and the membership form can be found on our website. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Good luck this year and welcome! We look forward to getting to know you!

Marisa Zane, 2017-18 MCWAH RSA President

RSA's Executive Board 2017-2018

President- Marisa Zane

Vice-President- Amber Tomlin

Treasurer- Grace Doerfer

Editor- Allison McCoy


Other Board Members:

Children Playgroup & Family Activities-  Bethany Piotrowski

Adult Activities- Suzie Cox and Becca McArdle

Game Night - Amber Tomlin

Book Club- Marissa Zane

Helping Hands- Rebekah Rebling

Contact us at

  How many members are actively involved in the RSA?

We currently have an email list of more than 30 spouses or significant others!

  How do I become a member?

Complete the fillable membership form here

If you have any questions, or encounter problems filling out this form, please email

  Are there any fees or dues?

There is no cost to join RSA. 

  What activities are available?

Spouses'/Significant Others' Night Out and Adult Activities
This is a monthly get-together which rotates among members' homes and Milwaukee hot spots. Come solo, bring your spouse/significant other or a few friends for an opportunity to meet and mingle.

We're trying to get a group together for a beach clean up, or soup kitchen volunteer shift. If you have any suggestions, or have a cause you currently love to help, let us know so we can lend some extra hands! If you have a cause that is important to you, please email us at We also participate in the Giving Tree program where we bring gifts to children during the holiday season.

Children's Playgroups
Playgroups take place weekly. During late spring, summer and early fall, we meet at local parks. During cooler months (October through March) we meet at members' homes or local indoor facilities.

Kids' Activities
In addition to the weekly playgroups, a special children's activity is organized each month. These activities include fun-filled trips and events such as: the Milwaukee County Zoo, museums, beaches, pumpkin patches, creative art days and others!

Parties and Special Events
Just give us a reason to celebrate!  RSA hosts parties and special events throughout the year.  For example, we host both a children's holiday party and an adult holiday party in the winter.  Other special events include our winter membership drive, various holiday festivities for adults and children, and our end of the year party.

Helping Hands
This is not a regularly scheduled activity, but is in place to set up a support network for resident spouses or significant others who need help during a particularly challenging time. We are best known for bringing dinners to families after the birth of a baby. Members may contact the Helping Hands coordinator to request help during a move, loss in the family or other circumstances. We are here to help!

Book Club
We meet monthly to discuss a book. If you're interested in joining the book club, come to a meeting. Don't worry if you've not completed the book. 

The RSA offers a reliable rotation of events each month. Visit the list of activities (PDF) for dates, times and locations.

  Do All RSA members have children? What ages are the kids in RSA?

While many members do have children, there are many members who do not. The ratio of members with children to members without children can fluctuate widely from year to year. As such, we make a point to offer adult-oriented activities (Spouses'/Significant Others' Night Out, Third Thursdays, Book Club) as well as child and family-friendly ones (Weekly Playgroup, Monthly Kids' Activities).

It is typical for several babies to be born to RSA members each year, and our Helping Hands network provides support to new families. The children range in age from newborns to early school-age kids.

  Recommendations Guide
The Resident Spouse/Significant Other Association has compiled a guide containing recommendations for places and services they have found useful, including everything from doctors to daycare, restaurants to car repair. Please view our Recommendations Guide (PDF)
  Is there any help in finding housing?
  What is Milwaukee weather really like?

Milwaukee experiences every season to its fullest! Spring, summer and fall are gorgeous. Don't let the cooler months worry you, we offer outdoor activities throughout the year.