Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Graduate Medical Education

MCWAH Residency Programs

Residency training is offered in the following specialties:


Laura Gonzalez, MD, Program Director
Amy Kjaer, Education Program Coordinator II | (414) 805-6034
Nate Karst, Education Program Coordinator III | (414) 805-6034

Child Neurology
Child Neurology
Nancy Bass, MD, Program Director
Julie Salentine, Education Program Coordinator II
(414) 266-6796
Karolyn Wanat, MD, Program Director
Jennifer Pluer, Education Program Coordinator II
(414) 955-3106
Emergency Medicine
Emergency Medicine
Kathleen Williams, MD, Program Director
Jennifer Myszkowski, Education Program Coordinator III
(414) 955-1112
Family Medicine - All Saints

Family Medicine - All Saints
Robin Helm, MD, Program Director
Renee Narus, Education Program Coordinator II
(414) 527-8488

Family Medicine - Columbia-St. Mary's

Family Medicine – Columbia-St. Mary's
Brooke Passolt, MD, Program Director
Kylie Daemmrich, Education Program Coordinator II
(414) 267-6520

Family Medicine - Froedtert Menomonee Falls Hospital

Family Medicine - Froedtert Menomonee Falls Hospital
Kwanza Devlin, MD, Program Director
Amy Matenaer, Education Program Coordinator III
(262) 532-3265

Family Medicine - North Side Milwaukee

Family Medicine – North Side Milwaukee
Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals, Inc. / Milwaukee Health Services, Inc. Program
Camille Garrison, MD, Program Director
Maggie Suminski, Program Coordinator
(414) 267-2833

Family Medicine - South Side Milwaukee

Family Medicine – South Side
Medical College of Wisconsin Affiliated Hospitals, Inc. / Milwaukee South Program
Sabrina Hofmeister, DO, Program Director
Stacy Olson, Education Program Coordinator III
(414) 424-5032

Internal Medicine
Internal Medicine
Kathlyn Fletcher, MD, Program Director
Brooke Mbow, Program Manager II | (414) 955-0530
Regina Kovnesky, Education Program Coordinator I | (414) 955-0549
Internal Medicine - Geriatrics Combined
Internal Medicine-Geriatrics Combined
Angela Beckert, MD, Program Director
Brooke Mbow, Program Manager II
(414) 955-0530
Internal Medicine - Pediatrics
Internal Medicine-Pediatrics
Heather Toth, MD, Program Director
Stephanie (Dhein) Hetland, Education Program Coordinator III
(414) 337-7030

Internal Medicine - Psychiatry
Internal Medicine-Psychiatry
Mary Beth Alvarez, MD, MPH, Program Director
Adrienne Parnon, Education Program Coordinator II
(414) 955-7250
Interventional Radiology - Independent
Independent Interventional Radiology
Matthew Scheidt, MD, Program Director
Amber Miramontes, Education Program Coordinator III
(414) 805-3115
Interventional Radiology - Integrated
Integrated Interventional Radiology
Parag J. Patel, MD, MS, FSIR, Program Director
Amber Miramontes, Education Program Coordinator III
(414) 805-3115
Chad Carlson, MD, Program Director
Ashlie Schaffner, Program Manager II
(414) 955-0623
Nathan Zwagerman, MD, Program Director
Laura Walker, Program Manager I | (414) 955-0950
Tawana Vaughn, Education Program Coordinator III | (414) 955-6836
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Obstetrics & Gynecology
Jessica Francis, MD, Program Director
Kelly Morey, Education Program Coordinator III
(414) 805-6658
Andrea Stahulak, MD, Program Director
Amanda Tan, Education Program Coordinator III
(414) 955-2049
Orthopaedic Surgery
Orthopaedic Surgery
Scott Van Valin, MD, Program Director
Christen M. Coffey, Education Program Coordinator III
(414) 955-3212
Thomas Robey, MD, Program Director
Diann Fiscus, Program Manager I
(414) 955-0827
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Lauren Parsons, MD, Program Director
Kristine Scheel, Program Manager I
(414) 805-8576
Michael Weisgerber, MD, Program Director
Meg Dyer, Education Program Coordinator II | (414) 266-6803
Danver (Dan) Wu, Education Program Coordinator II | (414) 337-7034
Pediatrics - Anesthesiology Combined

Pediatrics-Anesthesiology Combined
Michael Weisgerber, MD, Program Director
Nate Karst, Education Program Coordinator III
(414) 805-6102

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Karin Goodfriend, MD, Program Director
Susan Abrahms, Program Manager I | (414) 955-1925
Catherine Yang, Education Program Coordinator I | (414) 955-1918
Plastic Surgery - Integrated
Plastic Surgery-Integrated
William Dzwierzynski, MD, Program Director
Alyssa Minten, Education Program Coordinator II
(414) 955-3863

Sara Brady, MD, Program Director
Jessica Noonan, Education Program Coordinator II
(414) 955-8998

Psychiatry-Northeastern Wisconsin
Christina L. Wichman, DO, Program Director
Brittany Boeche, Education Program Coordinator II
(414) 955-7236

Radiation Oncology
Radiation Oncology
Adam Currey, MD, Program Director
Patrice Moya, Education Program Coordinator III
(414) 805-4472
Radiology, Diagnostic - MCW
Radiology, Diagnostic
Mark D. Hohenwalter, MD, Program Director
Abigail Goelzer, Program Manager II | (414) 955-1195
Molly Veh, Education Program Coordinator II | (414) 955-1187
Surgery, General
Surgery, General
Rana Higgins, MD, Program Director
Tracy Stasinopoulos, Program Manager II
(414) 955-1833
Transitional Year
Transitional Year
Sriram Darisetty, MD, Program Director
Tina Gladney, Program Coordinator
(414) 447-2195
R. Corey O'Connor, MD, Program Director
Tammy Janik, Education Program Coordinator III
(414) 955-0880