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Wisconsin Licensing and USMLE Step 3 Timeline

This timeline is for housestaff who are currently in an initial year of accredited Graduate Medical Education (GME) in the United States/Canada and are planning to sit for USMLE Step 3 or Comlex-USA Level 3.

Housestaff should view MCWAH’s Licensure Process Guide (PDF) and begin the Step-By-Step process. The guide provides instructional information for housestaff to apply online via LicensE through the Department of Safety and Professional Services (DSPS). Please do not wait to submit your application. Completed Third Party forms may be uploaded to your application at any time. It is important that you provide your “PAR” number to parties that will be uploading forms.

Check the status of your application through LicensE; follow up on any outstanding items.

Housestaff should apply to sit for USMLE Step 3 via the Federation of State Medical Board (FSMB) website. Allow appropriate processing time. Housestaff utilizing the Comlex-USA testing should apply for Level 3 at this time.

Housestaff should continue to monitor their WI medical license application through LicensE, and follow up as needed.

Ideally, housestaff in their initial year of GME should sit for USMLE Step 3 or Comlex-USA Level 3 in the Summer/Fall following their initial year of GME. Scores are reported directly to the Wisconsin DSPS by the FSMB. Program Coordinators should complete form 2165 after housestaff have completed twelve months of accredited GME and taken USMLE Step 3 or Comlex-USA Level 3.

Housestaff should continue to monitor their Wisconsin Medical License application until it has been issued. If outstanding issues are not responded to in a timely manner, various forms may need to be resubmitted as well as additional forms/items that the DSPS may request.

Refer to MCWAH’s Licensure Process Guide (PDF) for additional information and downloading of appropriate forms.