MCW/Marquette Medical Alumni Association Programs and Resources

Programs and Resources

We offer a variety of programs for current students, supporting the next generation of physicians, pharmacists and scientists. These programs include opportunities for alumni to connect with and inspire students through mentorships and more.
Applicant Host Program
The Applicant Host Program is an Alumni Association-sponsored student group that gives interviewing applicants insight into life as an MCW medical student.
Operation: Education
The Alumni Association hosts a program in partnership with the Wisconsin Medical Society Foundation to provide medical students the opportunity to speak informally with physicians from a variety of specialties and primary care practices for networking and to learn more about career options they may be considering.
Student/Alumni Committee
The Student/Alumni Committee is a committee of the Student Assembly and works with the Alumni Association on the Association's programs for students. In 1996, the Association opened a spot on the board of directors for the president of the student assembly.
Student Funding Request Form
The MCW/Marquette Medical Alumni Association is proud to support initiatives that provide positive experiences and further enhance the educational/professional development of currently enrolled MCW students and student organizations. If the support needed involves a funding request, please submit this form at least three (3) weeks prior to your activity/event. You will be contacted within one (1) week of your form submission with a response/decision. Additional information may be needed prior to a decision.
Student Loan Fund
The Alumni Association, working with the Financial Aid office, established a low-interest loan fund for senior medical students.
Resident Orientation Breakfast
Each year the Alumni Association sponsors a breakfast for incoming residents on their first day of orientation.
M1 Welcome Lunch
The hope of the Alumni Association is to have contact with students as soon as they arrive on campus. For this reason, the Alumni Association sponsors the very first social event for new medical students, a lunch held during orientation week.
School of Graduate Studies Research Day and Poster Contest
This two-day event highlights the School of Graduate Studies and gives the students a chance to display the research projects they are working on. The activity includes a lunch for the students with a presentation by a nationally-recognized research scientist. The Alumni Association funds this activity because the Association feels it is important to support the efforts of Graduate School students.
Mentor Program
The Mentor Program gives the children of alumni who are interested in attending the Medical College of Wisconsin an opportunity to talk with a member of the Alumni Association Board of Directors and hear about the College from the perspective of an alumnus.