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When ordering, please specify the RGD Strain Symbol along with the Strain, Line, Chromosomes and Congenic Codes (if applicable).

If you do not see the strain that you need in the list to the right, please email Allison Zappa and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

View a complete list of the Hybrid Rat Diversity Panel

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Genotyping Services

The base rate is for a minimum of 8 samples. If you submit more than 8 samples, you will be charged the 8 sample minimum and charged for each additional sample above 8. Samples should be no larger than 2mm (Figure 1). Anything larger that needs trimming may incur a handling charge. If possible, please send samples to us in screw top tubes. (Figure 2).

Sample Size     Sample Tube

We prefer to do DNA extractions ourselves, so each invoice will have a DNA Prep charge and an Agarose Genotyping or Fluorescent Genotyping charge, or both for more complicated models.

Agarose Genotyping
primarily used for transgenics.


Fluorescent Genotyping
Used for knockouts, consomics, congenics, etc. (Most samples fit in this category).


This is a single flat fee for new projects that require extensive research into the construct of model. We will let you know in advance if this fee will be necessary.

Please download and fill out the Service Center Submission Form (XLSX) to submit with your samples. Genotyping results will be emailed to email address provided on the submission form.


If you have any questions, please contact Becky Schilling at