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The focus of the Ambulatory Care Track is to provide a comprehensive outpatient training that is tailored toward career interest with an emphasis of preparing individuals for careers in community-based or academic practices. The Ambulatory Care Track at MCW has evolved considerably since it was initiated in 1985. Our Ambulatory Care Program Director is Dr. Amalia Lyons.

The Ambulatory Care Track has three focuses: Primary Care, HIV care, and Women’s Health. Each focus offers opportunities to gear clinical and educational activities toward career interests and work with providers within various subspecialties. Each resident will have a full day of continuity clinic per week during “O” months at one of our main continuity clinic sites: Froedtert East Clinic, VA, or 16th Street Clinic. Starting January of intern year, residents pick up another half day of continuity clinic per week during “O” months geared toward their interest and include the following options: community based primary care clinic, Inclusion Clinic (LGBT Primary care clinic), HIV clinic, and additional VA Women’s Health Clinic. Residents work consistently with mentoring ambulatory care track faculty(s) and establish their own patient panel, which they follow throughout their entire residency program. Individuals in the Women’s Health focus will have opportunities to learn procedural skills including colposcopies, IUD insertion and removals, Nexplanon insertions and removals, endometrial biopsies, etc.

The Ambulatory Care Block (ACB) provides individuals opportunities to tailor the rotation to their clinical and career interests. Interns have one month of the rotation and PGY 2’s and 3’s have four months of the rotation over the two years. The ACB offers flexibility in didactics and clinical opportunities to allow residents to tailor the rotation to their needs, so to better prepare them for their own practice. There are additional opportunities to volunteer, do research, and for mentorship during the ACB.

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HIV Care or Primary Care Focus

Amalia Lyons, MD

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Amalia Lyons

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