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Spring/Summer 2020 Webinar Series: "Gun Violence in the Americas"

The Office of Global Health is part of the Network for the Prevention of Gun Violence in the Americas. The global burden of gun violence accounts for more than 250,000 deaths worldwide, and half of these deaths occur in just six countries – all in the Americas. This public health and humanitarian crisis has significant challenges, requiring multiple policy and program approaches for making our respective nations healthy and safe. This Network was formed to bring together health professionals, human rights advocates, arms trade specialists, and violence prevention activists to to focus on challenges ahead and find solutions to address gun violence in Mexico and Central America.

Illicit trafficking in conventional weapons is a global phenomenon that has an outsized impact on security and stability in countries around the world. Mexico and the Northern Triangle of Central America suffer from extremely high levels of gun homicides and other gun violence. What are the mechanisms and impacts of this gun violence, and what policies and actions can people in the region take to confront it? In these webinars, expert journalists and researchers discuss the gun market and its human impacts, and propose policies and strategies to stem gun violence.

Led by Dr. Stephen Hargarten, Associate Dean for Global Health, other current members of The Network for the Prevention of Gun Violence in the Americas are:

Anahuac University Mexico
Brady Campaign
Center for American Progress
Consortium of Universities of Global Health
Forum on Arms Trade
Giffords Law Center
Metropolitan Peace Institute, Inc
Newtown Action Alliance
O'Neill Institute, Georgetown Law
Project to Stop US Arms to Mexico
Washington University School of Law

Upcoming Webinars

"Assault Weapons Ban in the Americas"
Thursday July 9 | 12pm CST

"Local Solutions to a Hemispheric Challenge"
Thursday July 16 | 12:00-1:30 PM CST
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"Gun Violence in the Americas: Local Solutions to a Hemispheric Challenge"
Thursday, July 16 | 12pm CST
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Past webinar recordings available to view

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