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Office of Global Health at the Medical College of Wisconsin


The Office of Global Health was established in January 2010. Our vision is to train the next generation of global health leaders and address local and global health inequities across neighborhoods and nations. Our mission is to reduce global health inequities through local and global multi-institutional collaborative partnerships in community engagement, education, patient care, and research.
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Welcome to the MCW Office of Global Health
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Inspiring Global Outreach

“Through MCW’s program, students get the opportunity to learn to tailor a health project in a setting unlike their own... Along the way, they learn cultural competence, humility and how to engage. They see for themselves how people in other cultures can achieve much with very few resources and learn flexibility and resourcefulness. That is why we have designed an experiential learning program that is hands on and project based.”

MCW student S. Ryan Jacobus is working to make meaningful global health connections and become a future global health leader.
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Interested in MCW's MS in Global Health Equity Program or how our students are learning to engage with diverse local and global populations?
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Global Health at MCW

About Us

About Us

The Office of Global Health fully aligns with MCW's vision to become an anti-racist organization through listening, learning, and practice change. Our efforts are coordinated to advance our institution's inclusive excellence goal.

We acknowledge that the land our academic medical center has benefitted from was first inhabited by Native People of Wisconsin and the word Milwaukee is derived from the Ojibwe, Potawatomi, and Menominee word for “good land” (Native People of Wisconsin, Wisconsin Historical Society, 2016).

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MCW trainees across each of our graduate, medicine, and pharmacy schools and graduate medical education programs have an opportunity to increase their global health competency which enhances their professional character and increases their compassion and ability to care for a diversity of populations.

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Global burdens of disease are local and global in nature and scope.

Since disease respects neither national boundaries nor government mandates, a better-educated, well-trained cadre of physicians and scientists in a particular country can be more effective in preventing the spread of disease to other parts of the world. (Acad Medicine 2010).

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The MCW Libraries organizes resources as journals and books in the field of global health and key websites for students and professionals interested in learning more about Global Health.

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Support Global Health

Support Global Health

Join us to advance innovative knowledge changing life.

Research Seed Funds are used by faculty to support innovative scientific discovery. Faculty, in turn, have an opportunity to assess current methods or providing patient care in the United States and further consider innovation and cost effectiveness.

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Neighborhoods to Nations


We Collaborate

When we are invited, we strive to improve health equity locally and worldwide. As the catalyzing agent, we take advantage of our diverse skills and experiences of our faculty ad trainees.

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Student learning opportunities with MCW's Office of Global Health

Students Learn

It is an exciting time for us to facilitate global health activities with MCW’s campuses and global partners. Medical literature has illustrated the positive outcomes for the student, resident, or fellow involvement in global health educational and research opportunities.

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MCW Office of Global Health faculty efforts in community engagement, education, patient care, and research globally

Faculty Transformation

MCW offers a wealth of interest, expertise, and resources in global health efforts. It is an exciting challenge to guide faculty and trainees to explore and implement their global health activities alongside global collaborators. Learn about our faculty's efforts in community engagement, education, patient care, and research globally.

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Our Global Engagement

The Office of Global Health is part of "MCW's just cause to improve health for all." We envision a healthier world that is just, equitable, and thriving for everyone, a world where social and human differences are drivers of health and wellbeing, not barriers. The Office of Global Health is committed to the intentional actions it will take to achieve this vision through our global engagement.

MCW formally supports the Brocher Declaration for "promoting appropriate short-term engagements."

Its principles are:

  1. Mutual partnerships with bidirectional input and learning
  2. Empowered host country and community define needs and activities
  3. Sustainable programs and capacity building
  4. Compliance with applicable laws, ethical standards, and code of conduct
  5. Humility, cultural sensitivity, and respect for all involved
  6. Accountability for actions

These align with MCW's global engagement approach and global health definition.

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