Supporting the AOIP

The realization of the Advanced Ocular Imaging Program is a result of the forward-thinking support of individuals and foundations listed below.

Individual Contributions

  • Dr. Diane M. Bishop, PhD and Mr. Robert Bishop
  • Robert B. and Elizabeth M. Bradley
  • Mr. Curt S. Culver and Ms. Sue S. Culver
  • Alfredo Dubra, PhD and Eunice Koh, MD
  • Dale Frasier
  • Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Gaulke, Jr.
  • Virginia R. Geraghty
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Graham
  • Lore B. Hauck
  • Bill and Janet Hume
  • Mr. Gerald F. Kearney
  • Leon and Nancy Kendall
  • Dr. and Mrs. Dennis J. Kontra
  • Mrs. Irene Krueger
  • Dr. Ernest and Dorothy B. MacVicar
  • Rita T. McDonald, PhD
  • J. Dorothy and Gilbert Palay
  • Kathleen Poblocki
  • Barbara J. Raasch
  • Renata Sarno, PhD
  • Dr. Kimberly Stepien and Mr. Andrew Maulbetsch
  • Dr. and Mrs. Frank M. Sterner
  • Phyllis M. Summerfelt
  • Josephine Vidmar
  • O.A. Wiegmann, MD
  • Catherine M. Wigder, MD
  • James and Anne Wolter
  • Dr. Fouad Zakka

Family and Foundation Contributions

  • Dr. Samuel S. and Anne W. Blankstein Family Fund II
  • Brown Deer Lions Club
  • Charles Construction Group, LLC
  • Marjorie L. Christiansen Foundation
  • Mae E. Demmer Charitable Trust
  • Fitzsimonds Charitable Trust
  • GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
  • Dr. Harry J. Heeb Foundation
  • Richard G. Jacobus Family Foundation, Inc.
  • John and Shirley Jeffrey Fund
  • Knight Riders Snowmobile Club
  • GMF Catherine & Walter Lindsay Foundation Fund
  • Phyllis and Walter Malzahn Charitable Trust
  • R.D. and Linda Peters Foundation, Inc.
  • Gene and Ruth Posner Foundation, Inc.
  • Racine Community Foundation, Inc.
  • Saint John's Communities, Inc.
  • Russel J. and Betty Jane Shaw Fund 
  • Suder-Pick Foundation, Inc.
  • Turek Charitable Trust
  • Vilter Foundation, Inc.

Donation FAQs

Why is philanthropy so important to the Eye Institute?
Private philanthropy will always be important to the Eye Institute, because it provides the capital for our scientists to do preliminary studies. Results from these studies are then leveraged to create larger proposals that are presented to national foundations and government agencies (NIH, DoD, NSF, etc.). The power of philanthropy truly increases the speed of progress of vision research at the Eye Institute.
How might my gift be used?

One of the ways the AOIP has been able to grow to its current state is by having the ability to respond to scientific opportunities and to quickly overcome technical or logistical challenges. Funds donated to the AOIP are used in this regard to accelerate the pace of research and further invest in the overall infrastructure of the program.

  • Purchase new equipment or invest in supplies needed to build equipment, update existing equipment, or perform lab functions
  • Provide seed money for a scientist to investigate a new project
  • Fund a medical student’s summer research project
  • Provide funds to bring in outside imaging experts to give talks, consult on projects, or initiate collaborations
  • Give a student the opportunity to present a research project at a national meeting
  • Provide resources to help recruit and maintain staff who are instrumental to keeping the program running (i.e. biomedical photographer, engineering staff, ocular imaging fellow)
Can I give a gift to benefit research on a specific eye condition?
Absolutely! While we appreciate unrestricted support of the imaging program, currently gifts can also be designated to fund research on macular degeneration (AMD), glaucoma, neurodegenerative diseases and retinopathy of prematurity. Specific funds may also be established to benefit other eye conditions.
What percentage of my gift actually goes towards research?
100% of the funds contributed to the Advanced Ocular Imaging Program will be used by the research team to advance research and support the overall mission and goals of the AOIP.
What kinds of gifts can I make?
  • The Eye Institute accepts cash gifts (cash, check, or credit card) that may be paid directly or pledged over 5 years. Checks should be made to the Advanced Ocular Imaging Program and addressed to the Office of Development, 8701 Watertown Plank Rd., Milwaukee, WI 53226. 
  • Credit card gifts may be made through our secure online donation site.
  • Securities (e.g. stocks and bonds)
  • Estate bequests and planned gifts (e.g. charitable remainder and lead trusts, life insurance, charitable or deferred gift annuities, pooled income funds, retirement plans, IRAs)
    Gifts of real estate or personal property
  • Please contact Sarah Walker at (414) 955-5905 or sarawalker@mcw.edu if you are interested in supporting our program at any level or have any questions about making a gift. 

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