Current Research in the MCW AOIP

The AOIP strives to promote the development and use of translational ocular imaging tools to improve detection, diagnosis, and management of eye diseases. We believe that by aspiring to take the highest quality ocular images and analyzing them with the most current software, we are advancing science and improving vision.


Adaptive Optics 

The AOIP houses a robust adaptive optics imaging program which allows unique advantages for gathering data from photoreceptors, vasculature, and nerve fiber layers of the living retina.

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Optical Coherence Tomography Image of Cirrus_Image Card

Retinal Imaging

The AOIP boasts a diverse portfolio of OCT technology including OCT and OCT Angiography systems for both human and pre-clinical research.

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Visual Function

The AOIP is exploring structure-function relationships of photoreceptors to improve clinical evaluation of photoreceptor health.

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Color Vision

The AOIP has a long history of investigating both severe and more common color vision abnormalities. Within the AOIP are two dedicated color vision testing suites where a variety of color vision tests are performed.

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