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Diversity at the Medical College of Wisconsin

MCW is committed to the tenants of Affirmative Action and dedicated to diversity and inclusion of all people and groups, specifically those represented in the communities where it serves. While, as an institution MCW is broadly focused on diversity and inclusion of all people, MCW is specifically focused on increasing faculty members belonging the following groups: African American, Hispanic, Veterans, Females, Differently-abled and Native American. MCW believes that ensuring opportunities to join MCW are made available to members of these groups will create a rich and positive impact the MCW community.

MCW’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) and Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) work together with a focus on recruitment and retention efforts that value diversity. MCW’s recruitment management system captures data on candidate demographics. For recruitments where we engage a search firm, we encourage advertising of positions to engage underrepresented faculty.

Learn more about the Office of Faculty Affairs and the Office of Diversity.

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