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Radiation and Pregnancy

Pregnant women occupationally exposed to radiation have the option of limiting radiation exposure to their embryo/fetus to 500 mrem during pregnancy. To do so, the woman must voluntarily notify ORS in writing of her pregnancy and the estimated date of conception (month and year only).

Declared pregnant woman means a woman who has voluntarily informed the Office of Radiation Safety, in writing, of her pregnancy and the estimated date of conception. The declaration remains in effect until the declared pregnant woman withdraws the declaration in writing or is no longer pregnant.

Declaration of Pregnancy (DOCX) A form letter for the purposes of declaring pregnancy. The employee may choose to use the form letter, or provide her own written notification. The declaration must contain, at a minimum, the name of the employee, a statement that she is pregnant, her estimated date of conception (month and year only) and the department/service of employment.

The Declaration may be sent to the employee's immediate supervisor, or to ORS. If the immediate supervisor is notified, the supervisor must promptly notify ORS.

Training and Information - ORS provides the following information to staff concerning the health effects/risks associated with exposure of the fetus during pregnancy, and methods of maintaining radiation exposure within the dose limits, and As Low As Reasonably Achievable. ORS will evaluate the working conditions to determine compliance with fetus/embryo radiation exposure limits.

Please contact ORS for additional information.

US Nuclear Regulatory Commission documents on pregnancy and radiation:

Health Physics Society

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

X-Ray Diffraction training 

Safety training guides related to the use of x-ray diffraction equipment.

Self-Shielded Irradiation Training
Self-Shielded Irradiator Training information is not publicly available. You may request information by emailing Radiation Safety
DOT Training

DOT Hazmat training is required for all persons who prepare radioactive packages for shipment on public highways or by air, rail or water. Refresher training is required for shippers of packages by ground transport every 3 years; every 2 years for shippers of packages by air.

View or download the syllabus: DOT training slides  (PPT)

Take the quiz: Take the DOT training quiz (PDF)

Send completed quiz to the Office of Radiation Safety.

Dosimetry Information
Fluoroscopy Credential
According to Wisconsin State Radiation Control Regulation DHS 157.74(2)(a), "Each individual who operates x–ray equipment shall be instructed in the safe operating procedures for each specific device and be competent in the safe use of the equipment as determined by the registrant."  

If you will be working with fluoroscopy at Froedtert Hospital, you will be required to be credentialed through Froedtert's Medical Affairs Office in fluoroscopy. Please contact the Medical Affairs Office or at (414) 805-3060.

MCW Office of Radiation Safety

(414) 955-4347

Radiation Safety Training

Information for laboratory workers using radioactive material:

What is the goal of Radiation Safety Training?
The radiation safety training that we provide teaches the basics of working with radioisotopes in research laboratories, including the following topics: basics of radioactivity, health effects of ionizing radiation, radiation protection techniques, Licensing and regulations, and laboratory policies and procedures.

Who should receive training?
Any personnel planning on working directly with radioactive material must receive Radiation Safety Training prior to handling material. Students, post-docs, lab technicians, etc. must have documented training in radiation safety before working with radiation.

How can I sign up?
You will need to email Radiation Safety for training. You will need to borrow a training video and take a short quiz. You must then schedule a personalized in lab training session when you return the video and quiz to radiation safety.

Radionuclide Information (decay 'cheat sheets')

Specific information on each isotope:

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