Research Bench Lab

Epic Research Module

The result of collaborative effort between Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin stakeholders, the Epic Research Module (ERM) enables study coordinators to assign subject medical records to study monitors for routine monitoring.

Epic Research Support

Troubleshooting and assistance with ERM: 

First: Epic Super-Users are your first point of contact and here to help! Find your Epic Super User (PDF) and reach out directly for assistance.

Second: Call the Froedtert Help Desk at (414) 805-2101. 

Third: For OnCore-related questions, contact OnCore Support

Epic Research Resources

Epic Super Users

Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin Epic Super Users have been thoroughly trained to use the Epic Research Module (ERM) and are main points of contact for questions and support.

Epic Super-Users can reference this list of FAQs (PDF) that often come up during go-live. 

Find Super User (PDF)

MyChart Recruitment Tip Sheet

For MyChart Patients interested in research study participation. 

NOTE: Study teams are NOT permitted to use this resource for study recruitment purposes unless they have IRB approval to do so. 

Access Tip Sheet (PDF)

Use of Care Everywhere Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

The purpose of this SOP is to provide guidance regarding the use of Epic’s Care Everywhere functionality for purposes of coordinating patient care or evaluating individuals enrolled in or being considered as a candidate for clinical trial participation at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin. This SOP is in accordance with Epic contractual requirements.

View SOP (PDF)

Epic Research Module Demo Sessions

2nd and 4th Wednesday of every month at 9 a.m.

Demonstrations of the following:

  • Tips for locating study records
  • Associate patients, encounters, and orders to studies
  • Reporting tips
  • Adverse Events documentation
  • Release of Information

View Flyer (PDF)

Creation of RSH Record (Epic Research Protocol)
Epic Research Study Record Creation Decision Tree

View Decision Tree (PDF)

Remote Monitoring Visits - Quick Reference Sheet

Using Epic Research Module for Remote Monitoring Visits 
As part of the recent Epic Research Module launch, study coordinators are now responsible for assigning subject medical records to study monitors for routine monitoring. The task is no longer completed by Froedtert HIM (Health Information Management) and is only allowed to a study coordinator assigned to the study research record in Epic. For guidance, refer to the Quick Reference to Study Monitor Visit Management in Epic.

Please contact your Epic Research Super User (PDF) or Susan Mauermann regarding questions navigating this process in the Epic environment.

View Quick Reference Sheet (PDF)

Research Go Live Update Companion

For your convenience, this document contains hyperlinks to Tip Sheets, Quick Start Guides and additional resources when viewed electronically.

You can search the manual by selecting CTRL + F on your keyboard. This functionality will open a search window, allowing you to search on any keyword and jump directly to that section.

View Companion (PDF)

F1 and Favorite Dashboard Tip Sheet

Locate the Research Learning Home using the F1 key.

Access Tip Sheet (PDF)

How to Locate Study Records in Study Maintenance

Locate Study Records in Study Maintenance

Access Tip Sheet (PDF)

Epic Research Coordinator Training

This training covers the new Research application functionality including patient research statuses, research record administration, linking orders/encounters to studies, Research visit documentation, running reports, and OnCore integration

All research staff who will be working in Froedtert’s Epic are required to complete all prerequisite course work and then attend the virtual (WebEx), instructor-led course Epic: Research Coordinator (ERSH50493.20) which is available in the FH Learning Center. 

Registration Info and Flyer (PDF)

Epic Training for Research Staff (PDF)


  • Online Course : Epic: Overview of Reporting and Reporting Tools
  • Online Course : Epic: Introduction to Radar
  • Online Course : Epic: Personalize a Radar Dashboard
  • Online Course : Epic: Modify the Search Criteria of a Report
  • Online Course : Epic: Run and Manage Reports
  • Online Course : Epic: Saving the Results of a Report
  • Online Course : All Epic Users: Introduction to Learning Homes and Epic Earth
  • Online Course : Epic: Overview of Research Studies in Epic

For questions/issues regarding access to the Learning Center, submit a FH Learning Center Support ticket.

Access FH Learning Center

Epic/OnCore Status Crosswalk

Outlines the OnCore statuses and equivalent Epic enrollment statuses along with Pre-Consent, Inactive, and Active bucket.

For questions/issues regarding access to the Learning Center, submit a FH Learning Center Support ticket.

View Crosswalk (PDF)

Research Admin Field Ownership Doc
Delineates which fields in the Study Maintenance record are owned by Research staff, OCRICC, analysts, or other.

For questions/issues regarding access to the Learning Center, submit a FH Learning Center Support ticket.

View Ownership Document (PDF)

Releasing Information to Study Monitors Tip Sheet

Study Monitors can request access to EpicCare Link in order to view study-related patient charts. Research Coordinators can easily select which patients to release to study monitors, and how long the monitors should have access to those charts.

Access Tip Sheet (PDF)

Research Lab Order Tip Sheet

The Research Lab order was created in an effort to standardize and use the same order across departments.

Access Tip Sheet (PDF)