Main Campus Entrance-MKE

1-on-1 eBridge Training

with Zoom Meetings or Microsoft Teams

1-on-1 eBridge Training is free to all eBridge users and recommended for research support staff, new employee on-boarding, or as a “refresher” for experienced users.  

Intro to eBridge  (55 minutes)  

      ·    eBridge Introduction
      ·    Systems Overview
      ·    Accessing eBridge
      ·    Basic Navigation
      ·    Researcher Profile
      ·    User Training Records Verification
      ·    eBridge SmartForm Navigation
      ·    Workflows for FP, PRO, AUA, IBC applications  
      ·    Searching in eBridge
      ·    Support Resources

Other Sessions Now Available

      · PRO Workflows for Human Subject Research  (55 minutes) 
              · PRO SmartForm Navigation
              · Review IRB Support Resources  

      · FP Workflows for Funding Proposals (55 minutes)
                · FP SmartForm Navigation
                · Review GCO Support Resources   

      · BU Workflows for Budgets (55 minutes)  
              · BU SmartForm Navigation
              ·  Review GCO Support Resources