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If you are a prospective graduate student that has questions about how to begin your life-changing journey at MCW, a supportive family member or friend of a prospective student looking for more information or if you’re looking to make a donation to support MCW’s work in your community and throughout the state, we’re here to help! 

Graduate School Faculty


Daisy Sahoo, PhD

Dean, School of Graduate Studies; Women in Science Endowed Professor; Secondary Faculty in Biochemistry and Pharmacology and Toxicology

(414) 955-7414


Neil Hogg, PhD

Professor; Director, Redox Biology Program; Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, School of Graduate Studies

(414) 955-4012


Adam Greenberg, PhD

Associate Dean of Postdoctoral Education, School of Graduate Studies; Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering; Associate Professor of Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences; Director of the Sensory Neuroscience, Attention, and Perception Laboratory

(414) 955-2493

Graduate School Staff


Kelly Angone

Education Program Coordinator III

(414) 955-4422


Sarah Ashworth

Education Program Coordinator III

(414) 955-4840

Academic Affairs (PhD) (Class Scheduling & Registration, Committee & Outline Approvals, Degree Completion); Graduation & Commencement Ceremony Coordinator; International Student Designated School Official


Angela (Gord) Backus, MS

Director of Enrollment & Student Services

(414) 955-5670

Oversees Graduate School Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Admissions; Student Support and Issues; Data Analytics & Reporting; International Student Principal Designated School Officer


Heather Clift

Research Grants Coordinator

(414) 955-8462


Emily Crain-Castle, MS

Education Program Coordinator II

(414) 955-4461


Skylar Eisman

Education Program Coordinator II

(414) 955-4265


Anthony Perez, MS Ed

Director of Student Recruitment

(414) 955-4407


Vicki Rydell

Education Program Coordinator III

(414) 955-4403


Allison Schneider

Education Program Coordinator II

(414) 955-8248

Student Affairs (Graduate Student Association (GSA), MCW, Graduate School, and GSA events, Student Engagement Task Force (SETForce)); Orientation Coordinator; Communications


Diane VerHaagh

Graduate School Administrator

(414) 955-8090

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