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Clinical and Translational Science

At MCW, we understand that research is only half of the equation, and that translating great research to help others is truly the end result. If you dream of contributing to the body of scientific knowledge and transforming research outcomes to care for the sick and improve community health, MCW’s Clinical & Translational Science (CTSI) program was designed for you.

Emphasis Tracks: Translational Science, Population Science, Health Systems Science, and Community Based Science.
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CTSI Programs

Clinical  Translational Science 1

Clinical & Translational Science (MD/MS)

If you wish to pursue a medical career with a research focus, addressing the need for cutting-edge translational research that leads to improved care, the Clinical & Translational Science dual-degree program at MCW was designed for you. As a student in our CTSI MD/MS program, you will receive a great deal of mentoring from dedicated faculty, to assist you with balancing your coursework with the necessary research components to successfully complete your degree. If you would like to be considered for our MD/MS dual-degree, please apply via the American Medical College Application Service (AMCAS) and select the Combined Medical Degree/Graduate Degree. Concurrent acceptance to MCW’s Medical School is required.

Clinical  Translational Science 2

Clinical & Translational Science (MS)

The Master’s in Clinical and Translational Science (MSCTS) degree is designed to train the next generation of health care professionals, clinical investigators, research scientists, and other individuals working in biomedical industries. The curriculum incorporates the full spectrum of the translational continuum (T0 through T5) and provides training and skills to position candidates to be successful in the growing field of Clinical and Translational Science. Topics covered include foundations of translational research, clinical statistics, epidemiology, ethics and safety, and study designs across the continuum.

Clinical  Translational Science 3

Clinical & Translational Science (Certificate)

o The Certificate in Clinical & Translational Science was designed to provide an overview of the field to students from various backgrounds. Certificates can be earned in one of the four program emphasis tracks: Translational Science, Population Science, Health Systems Science, and Community Based Science. Credits completed in the Certificate program can also be transferred to the MS degree within one year of completion.


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