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Scholarly Pathways

At MCW-Milwaukee, we offer eight Scholarly Pathways, allowing you to individualize your medical school experience by exploring a career path that is of interest to you, and of vital importance to the lives of your future patients.

Descriptions of the eight Scholarly Pathways available at our Milwaukee campus are listed below.

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MCW-Milwaukee Scholarly Pathways include:

Clinician Educator

If you're interested in teaching in medical education, this Pathway focuses on giving you the skills needed to teach in a clinical setting and apply educational principles to your teaching to develop a scholarly product. 

Molecular & Cellular Research

Provides you with core research skills in the area of basic science at the level of the animal, cells and molecules. This Pathway will support you if you seek the pursue research throughout your medical career. 


Provides you with the necessary theory and skills to critically analyze difficult medical decisions in both clinical and research arenas, and apply these skills across a spectrum of contemporary biomedical ethical dilemmas to incorporate bioethics into your medical career. 

Global Health

If you want to learn more about the special healthcare needs of diverse patients in and from developing countries,s along with the challenges of those who work in areas with limited resources, this Pathway is ideal for you. 

Quality Improvement & Patient Safety

Provides you with core principles and skills necessary to understand and analyze the systems-based aspects of patient care, actively engage in work to improve quality and enhance patient safety while focusing on the goal of achieving the best possible patient health outcomes.

Clinical & Translational Research

Provides you with core research skills in the area of clinical and bench-to-bedside research. This Pathway will support you if you are seeking to pursue research throughout your medical career.

Health Systems Management & Policy

Enables you to be an active participant in the changes shaping your healthcare system. You will learn how to serve as a valuable resource for the future of healthcare through social advocacy, social commitment, management and leadership.

Urban & Community Health

Prepares you to effectively care for patients in urban communities, promote community health and reduce health disparities.